Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In a State of Frugality

A friend sent me this link, knowing my love for Star Wars. It's a little over 5 mins but VERY well done and has an entertaining ending.

Today we're off to Frugal Muse YAAAAAAY!!!!! And then to State Street for Pizza Di Roma and funky shops. I love State Street! Last time we were there I was ribbing dh cuz he was getting checked out. By a man. But the tables were turned moments later. D'oh! But that's not why I love State St, although people watching is really fun there. It's just full of all kinds of quirky little shops and neat stuff. State St. Brats has the best drink called the "Rose Bowl" (created during the hoopla surrounding a Rose Bowl win, I think.) It's dangerous because it contains rum, which makes me very randy AND non-inhibited. Probably won't be going there today, LOL! Hoping to hit Lao Laan Xang for dinner, so everyone else who plans to go had better try to get there when we aren't since we basically fill the joint up.


Faltenin said...

Now that WAS a cool light saber duel.

Remind me to send you 2 Darth Vader clips!

Slade said...

I am writing a comment so that your comment link will read 2 amazing insights...even though I don't have any...hehe

glad to be back!

Jaichan said...

Rum is always a good thing.
I can't wait to get back to Halifax which is full of funky little shops, like Venus Envy and Biscuit General Store.
Charlottetown is DEAD in the winter and I'm about ready to eat my feet with a spoon.
I'm also procrastinating. I'm supposed to be packing. I am not.
I am going sit, scowl and think about packing and then probably be up all night... thowing things together in a panic.
I hope dinner was yummy!

Jay said...

I love how I will never get a single star wars reference, ever.

Logophile said...

I have a cold.
I have nothing worthwhile to say.
Drink some rum for me, I will be making do with Niquil.

marrow-from-harrow said...


Candace said...

Fal - I got the clips but, sadly, have been unable to access them due to poor quality of mooched airwaves. We're switching to MIL's today, where mooched wi-fi is much more reliable. I'm looking forward to checking those out!

Slade - heh heh! Thank you! My blog thanks you. It's so good to see your snowflake again. :-)

Jaichan - We ended up not going there last night. Wah! On the other hand, dh made awesome chicken picatta, so not wah. How's the blind panic going? That's how I pack, too. :-P

Jay - you are blaspheming on my blog, but I still love you. :-)

Logo - aaaaaargh! Niquil is so inferior to rum. How depressing. :-(

Marrow - There's somthing about the whole caveman approach that can be quite a turn-on. Can I see your club?