Friday, April 07, 2006

Quoth the Raven

Actually, this is not going to be about things I'll never do again. It just came to mind because we've been reading/hearing a lot about ravens between The Dark is Rising and LOTR, and because I wanted to share this quote for the day:

There are two ways to live your life - one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle. ~Albert Einstein

My suit did not disintegrate at the pool today, which is a miracle in itself. But I really do have to do something about getting a new one. Preferably one that will not make me look like a giant turd (brown is IN this year, apparently -- hee hee Lemony Snicket reference) or a 60s candy wrapper gone awry. Good luck, me.

At the pool we did goofy things like sidekicks underwater (you can do a really beautiful flying sidekick with all that hangtime) and front handsprings, handstands and headstands, swimming like The Man from Atlantis (not that my kids have a clue who he is) floating on our backs, throwing around the plastic porcupine puffer fish and diving for "the white thing" which is a small rectangle of white plastic that we found several weeks ago which sinks to the bottom of the pool so we can dive for it. We got very hungry.

On the way home I caved to the kids and myself and we stopped at McDonalds (second time in 2 weeks - it's a record.) Oddly enough we'd never been inside the McDonalds in our town, so we were delighted to see -- get this -- a full size stormtrooper (COOL!) a full size Spiderman and what would be a full size Sully, Boo and Mike Wachowski had those characters been played by a kid and some guys in suits. Oh and an alien from MIB II (which I don't think I've seen yet.) Lots of celeb photos and posters adorn the walls, so I was able to show Sluggie "Legolas." She thought it was weird that he had "Aragorn's hair." In one grouping of 5 pics, 2 had been married to each other in the past, and 2 are married now AFAIK. The odd man out was Willy Wonka, who obviously is not the marrying type. Maybe that was intentional. The kids ran around in the giant Habitrail™ but I did not. The McDonald's in Brighton has a sign saying that adults can play, but this one didn't and there was a very crabby shemale (hard to tell - I think it was a woman) working the area, so I didn't try.

Today we performed some minor alchemy in the kitchen. I smell good. Sniff here --> @->--

Bath salts!

Yesterday we did manage to transplant our surviving seedlings. There were a few headless ones thanks to Emmett. Bad kitty! But as it is there was only just room on the windowsill for what was left, anywyay.

Check out Navan's new album cover :-) And then go to Elizabeth's blog to see one of the funniest potential album pics taken. I think they should put it in the liner notes, LOL!

Red belt class tonight. No matter how long I shower after swimming, I always smell like a pool at red belt class. Once I start sweating, there's a cloud of chlorine all around me. I suppose that with soaking for 2 hours in the pool, I'm bound to absorb a bunch of the stuff. I don't think that can be good for one, but as it turns out, everything these days is deadly, so I guess it doesn't matter too much. The stuff they use at the pool we go to isn't like regular chlorine. It doesn't smell as strong and it tastes salty. But it still eats suits.

The Prawn is sitting here reading her Happy Phonics™ flip books to me. She's getting really good with all the vowels (the most confusing part of learning to read, IMO.) I just assembled the new booklets and she's thrilled to be able to read them all to me. :-) Little miracles are all around me. Hope you're seeing some, too. :-)


kitkat said...

Smelling like chlorine is probably better than the regular sweaty smell. Swimming is the one activity that never fails to make me absolutely famished and sleepy!

Jaichan said...

Your wee ones are gorgeous! They look a bit too old to benefit from the advice I was going to give you; the Oxford Reading Tree series from the National Curriculum for England. Biff, Chip, Kipper and their dog, Floppy... along with their family and friends. I loooooooooooooooved the series; it is so amazing. The resources used in the NCE for any subject are incredible.

Faltenin said...

Ah, the deadly "Chlorine Smell Attack"!!!

Your kids look sooo happy on all these family activities. Let me just prepare this...
(fiddles around with enamel & pin)

(... pins on a "Worlds Greatest Mom" badge)

Candace said...

Kitkat - good point, LOL! And yes, it ALWAYS makes us absolutely famished.

Janice - Thank you! :-) My youngest is only 4, and I bet she'd love them. Thank you for the links!!

Fal - Aw thanks. :-) I'm wearing it to TKD today. :-)

tshsmom said...

I'm allergic to the chlorine in most pools, so I have to smear myself with vaseline before I go swimming. :(
Hot springs are even harder on swimming suits than pools.

Candace said...

TSmom - eeew! That can't feel good. :( My friend's son is also allergic to chlorine, but he can swim in the pool we go to since it's some sort of different kind. I didn't know that about the hot springs. I wonder if it's all the minerals that causes that.

thisismarcus said...

You have the most unbelievably cute kids! Next you'll tell me they're happy too. Well, they certainly look it. Congratulations!

P.S. Where do their nicknames come from? Apologies if I missed a previous post about that.

Candace said...

Thanks, Marcus. :-)

As for their nicknames, I'm not sure if I've posted about it. If I did it was likely before I had any readers. Sounds like a good thing to cover in today's post. :-)