Friday, April 21, 2006


Ahhhhhhh! I got my Boondock boys fix last night. Sigh. One can never see enough of that deleted scene where their mother calls and they end up scrabbling around on the floor for the phone. Naked. Wait - let me get in there. Oh yeah. That's better. *happy sigh*

I haven't yet carped SIL's DVD. As far as she knows. But she has a meeting today, heh heh heh.

The pool last night was a lot warmer than I was expecting, which was great. But that's where the pleasant surprises ended. Turns out the pool nazis were on duty tonight. No swim masks. OK, fine we have a bunch of goggles. But then I got "Ma'am, you can't go off the diving board backwards." So I got to do one back dive and that was the end of that. That really sucked because I don't usually get to use the diving board at home and I wanted to practice. Phooey. Sluggie and one of the cousins (who could easily pass as sisters) were being giggled over by some boys from cousin's school (and of course there was return ogling and giggling.) I hauled out our rubber fish to play catch, which made a decent icebreaker and soon all were involved in frolicky fish-throwing fun. Surprisingly, the nazis were OK with that. Frank and his girls came, too. The cousins are all girls, Frank brought four of his and of course there were my 3. Gordo was definitely in the minority but didn't seem fazed.

Since the pool is so close, we didn't bring clothes to change into. In the locker room, when Mollusc asked about this, I said, "We're just going to wear our towels home." She chose that moment to be very literal and also to follow instructions (which she has been getting a little guff about not doing lately) and as I stood in the pool lobby chatting with Frank and SIL, Mollusc came out looking a bit self-conscious and said "Can we go soon so I can get some clothes on?" A moment later it registered with me that she was wrapped up in her towel and holding her swimsuit. Shock. I immediately sent her back to the locker room to put her suit on, but not before Sluggie could yell "Molly's naked with only a towel on!" And of course that's when the boys came out of their locker room. Poor Mollusc was mortified, but the boys, fortunately, hadn't heard, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Here's something to brighten your day. I know I'm certainly going to make an effort to touch more nuts. What about you?


Ashira said...

Oh dear. XD

Now my embarrassing story shall be seen by all the world.

There are a couple things to fix though.

Me: "Can we go before my towel falls off?"
Kack: "Molly's completely naked wearing absolutely nothing but a TOWEL!!!!!!"

...touch nuts...


...oh dear...

...At least I was prepared.


Byannze. How do you pronounce that?


I had to type it...silly word verification! :

B-Man said...

Hey Nice BLOG Candace. More tummy pictures please!!! LOL! You have an insanely fertile mind.

Jaichan said...

Hahaha. My mom always left Beulah, Mads and I to our own devices in the pool. We could all swim better than the lifeguards by the time each of us had turned seven, anyhow. In the late 70s/early 80s, the only pool Dad could find that offered Red Cross swimming lessons was at the provincial mental institution. There was a viewing window into the pool, so Dad would stand there and watch my sisters and I at our lessons.
My dad has an aura about him that draws people to him. Every time I looked up, a different, uh... resident of the institution would be engaged in a conversation with him.
I have inherited that quality from him.
Just finished school, didn't get to snog B&B Chef. Boo, but he was jealous of my plans for the next 3 weeks... sitting on DeeDee's back deck, drinking Schooner beer and listening to Conway Twitty!

Ashira said...
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Candace said...

Back off Slarti! It's my story now, LOL! ;-) Byannze is the latest rising Byzantine pop star.

Bob!! It sounds weird when you call me Candace. Thank you! I have a fertile womb, too. ;-)

Jaichan - you must all be like fish! LOL I bet your dad has some stories from those days. Mine used to work in a mental institution and had some doozies!

I can't believe you didn't snog hot B&B chef. But now that he knows your plans, maybe he'll drop in on the deck parties. . . :-D

orwzbaa: Roland Orzabal and a sheep get it on. 8-/

missy said...

I shall try my best to find the best nuts to touch.

B-Man said...

Somehow I thought you might go there, Candy. Wish I could have seen more of you while you were here. I hope you have a good trip tomorrow. Next time we'll all get together and visit some more.

Trundling Grunt said...

Poor M. It's an age of great self-consciousness if I recall (and it's a very dim memory!) - still glad to hear that she's a Taurean also. Damn fine star-sign that!

Candace said...

Missy - when you do, I hope you post pictures. :-D

Bob - Heh heh! You've seen quite a lot of me, though admittedly not in person. Were you hoping for more? Muahahaha!!

TG - Fortunately she dealt with it pretty well. She was able to laugh about it. Another Taurean, eh? I shall try to post your Onion horoscope in a bit seeing as I'm in Oniontown right now. :-)

Trundling Grunt said...

And while we're on the subject of toilets:-

Candace said...

OMG it's the toilet that vomits BACK!! ;-) That's pretty amusing, but then I went down to the comments and read about the probs with the Rajdhani Express and eeeeeeew!!!