Thursday, April 27, 2006

Coupla Pics HNT Not Much Substance

First off is Mollusc's cake for Toby. The inside is dark chocolate (almost black) with red cherries here and there - pretty cool actually.

Prawn helped by smashing extra letters into the icing, LOL! Remember, we are not Martha.

OK, next up is HNT. 2 arms for the price of one since I missed last week. Cheap shot I know. And bad puns. Not sure what I'd do with (or without) these without my First Amendment right to keep and wear (heh) arms. I know what you're thinking. "Shoot me now." Sorry. It's late and I get a bit like that when it's late. I'm a real pistol. *groooooan* So here's a pic of me in my chamber. (oof!) C'mon punsters. Wanna go a few rounds? (argh!) I could fill a magazine.(eegads!) I bet all these gun puns are going to be lost on all you non-violent readers. I'll just have to enjoy them myself, LOL!

Saprring, though somewhat exhausting, was fun tonight. After about 45 mins of 3-stepping, we did free sparring. The Master was coaching me in Korean since my opponent didn't understand what he was saying. *evil grin* Nevertheless, I misinterpreted one of his commands and ended up getting a hard spinning hook kick in the back of the head. D'oh! Poor opponent was really upset cuz it hurt his heel and he was worried about hurting me, but my helmet and mouthguard did their jobs admirably and I don't appear to be concussed, LOL! And then when my opponent was tiring, I accidentally gave him a hard shot in the side of the head - harder than I'd intended, so I guess it was tit for tat.

Imagine the HNT looks I'll get with "tit" in here. Sorry guys. That's in the earlier HNTs. :-)

I am salt-encrusted and running out of Thursday, so it's time to pull the trigger on this post. "Clear!"


Faltenin said...

I've always had a crush on Lara Croft ;o)

Tracy said...

WHOA! AWESOME guns! You could totally take down one of those UFC guys : )

Happy HNT a bit late!

Anonymous said...

Seriously. I'm with Tracy!

Who knew I'd be invited to such a great "gun show."

By the way, isn't it the 2nd Amendment with the right to bear arms? I thought you were referring to your 1st Amendment rights to give us such bad puns :)

Seeleah said...

HEY, I didn't wear ANY clothes yesterday and I *barely* even KNOW about the HNT thing! What luck.

Yeah, you have those almost-matching pipes no thanks to me, eh?? Mama said innocently the other day, "Remember when Candy fell from that scaffold!" Oh dear.

And yes, I fessed.

But it WAS an accident, or more appropriately a failed attempt at what would have been a TOTALLY BRILLIANT acrobatic move had Candy not opted to let go of my legs and plummet hideously down onto the hard Hong Kong ground.

Candace said...

LOL Fal! :-) I don't have the lips for it, though.

Tracy - thanks, LOL! But no way am I getting near one of those guys in a ring. Out of the ring maybe. . . *remembers Kitkat's Fang guy pics*

Kitkat - D'oh!! Yes. 2nd amendment. Argh. Bad citizen!! You're right, I do need the first for those awful puns. :-P It was late. Is that a good excuse?

She-Ra : too bad you ruined my arm forever. Hey it almost works, LOL! Are you kidding? Mama didn't know what happened? Did we keep it a secret? I can't imagine us surviving the guilt from something like that. Maybe she just forgot. . . Actually, I just didn't manage en even dismount. I don't think it was anyone's fault (other than mine for being stuid enough to try it in the first place.) Hey - does that mean that we pioneered Parkour?

tshsmom said...

Fal's right, you could definitely give Lara Croft a run for the money!

Toby said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm... Cake and guns. What a perfect combination.

I cracked up at the extra letter thing.

Trundling Grunt said...

Having seen your muscles I am going to treat you with even more respect.....

You sometimes ask about music (don't know if you found the Beth Orton track), but I screwed up the other day and accidentally downloaded a track (tired, red wine, not paying attention...). Got to play it and now can't stop - look up Souka Nayo by Baaba Maal from the Nomad Soul album. Damn but it's good.

Have a good weekend...

Jaichan said...

Wow, you look like Sarah Connor! Cool... should cyborgs show up on my doorstep, I'm calling you.
Haha, my Korean is pretty weak. My ex, uh, boyfriend(?) (he's 'Willie' in my blog... I don't know what his exact 'label' would be) is fluent in Korean ~ he's lived in Cheju for 9 years. Anyhow, we're still very close and he's taught me important things like 'Hello', 'Cheers' and 'Stop crying, you little f*cking bastard!'.
Haha. Good times.

GuTTer MuNKi said...

What can I say about this post except what I always say...

Yes, Ma'am! Right away Ma'am!

What a hot Wench.

Candace said...

Thanks folks!! :-)

TSmom - Too bad I can't hove some of her actual money!

Toby - LOL! A new alternative to cars with bikini girls, eh? ;-)

TG - I found the Beth Orton track and the Baaba Maal. He sounds like the guy on one of the Peter Gabriel albums but I haven't checked that out yet. I loke his stylem though.

Jai - Heh! That's some important stuff to be able to say! My sis bought me Making Out in Korean. It's packed with highly useful phrases like "Dude, stuff your face" "This tastes like shit!" "I wanna see your. . ." (followed by list of words to insert" and "Deeper! Deeper!"

Oh, hi LD. Here doggy. Oooooh what a good dog. :-)

Jaichan said...

The 'Making Out In...' books started in Japan, I think. I had 2 volumes of Japanese and I had 'Making Out in Arabic' for when I traveled through the Middle East.
It's now floating around Denmark somewhere.
Long story.

Faltenin said...


I'm supposed to be going back to Korea for a week end of May.

A must-have book...

Trundling Grunt said...

I think the Peter Gabriel reference would be Youssou N'Dour who did some of the vocals on In Your Eyes? Great artist - I like Nothing's In Vain.

Another book for you to check out if you head overseas is Merde (I think there is also Merde Encore), so you can be abusive/Suggestive in French speaking countries.

Toby said...

I forgot to add Dragons! Cake, Dragons and guns are the best. In a perfect world your guns and gun puns would come first. ;)

My verification thing was so bad, I failed twice. wvwvvwywvwwwvywww and so on to my cake, gun and guns dream.

Candace said...

Jai - that is a story I'd like to hear, LOL!

Fal - you get 5 points for every phrase you manage to use. I expect you to keep a runing total. :-D (and yes - "I wanna see your (A)" and "I wanna see your (B)" count as different phrases)

TG - Oh you're right - now that you say his name I'm wondering how I could forget. Real World has come out with a bunch of neat stuff.

I love "Merde!" and they do other langs now too ("Scheiss!" etc.) There's another series: "Wicked ____" (Spanish, French, etc.) that is absolutely hilarious. It has things like "What was in that soup?" "I'd like to see a Doctor/Priest" Ark ark!!

Toby - Mollusc is in a huge Mythical Creatures phase - dragons, phoenixes, griffins, centaurs and all sorts of things of her own devising like Lupogriffs (wolf-eagles.)

I hate when it's Vs and Ws. Ack. Heh! Sweet dreams! :)

Egan said...

Ouch, I'm not picking a fight with you. Wow, those are some guns on you. You need the t-shirt that says "gun show" and has arrows pointing to your arms. That's my favorite one to see at the gym.

Candace said...

Har! I've never seen one of those, LOL! you still in Hawaii??

Trundling Grunt said...

Has Mollusc read the Golden Compass series (His Dark Materials IIRC) - very deep and well written? Might be a trifle old for her as they're pretty deep and dark - (no offence intended M, but they aren't everyone's cup of tea)

Candace said...

I've read them and wanted her to hold off a bit for the darkness reason you mentioned. The reading level and deepness wouldn't pose a problem, but the darkness made me want to have her wait. She loves the Artemis Fowls, though. I haven't had her try Redwall yet, though now I think she'd be fine with them. Back when we got them, Cluny whipping others out of pure malice - well, I just wasn't ready for her to dive into that yet, but I think she's old enough now.

thisismarcus said...

i) great guns!
ii) Passion (the soundtrack to The Last Temptation Of Christ) by Peter Gabriel is awesome. Check out Passion Sources if you prefer real "world" music to P.G.'s version of it.
iii) does Mollusc have a liger?

Candace said...

i) Thanks! :-)
ii) You know I accidentally stumbled onto that late one night and then forgot to follow up on it. THANK YOU!!!
iii) Not yet, LOL! But going to see all the Savannah cats in March did spawn much discussion thereof, hee hee! (They are African Servals crossed with, usually, Bengal cats - er, or, well I guess it's up to the breeder which domestic cat they cross with.)

jd said...

Nice deltoids!