Saturday, April 22, 2006

Home Again Home Again. . .

Lickety Split. }:->

We sailed through Chicago this time by getting shunted into an unmarked (or maybe it was marked but we were both watching the lady that was trying to drive into the side of us) express lane that ended up going around about 40 minutes worth of basically parked semis. Yay!! Gary seemed to have been blown off the map. Also yay!!! Indiana is by far the best leg of the drive once you get past Gary. We got home to Spring - leafed out trees, crazy forsythia, apple and cherry trees in full bloom, and in our own yard, a ton of flowers from that mass bulb planting.

The trip was awesome, but it's good to be home even if it does mean 654 loads of laundry. Trillian forgave us for leaving her as soon as I turned on a trickle of water from the tub faucet for her to kill. Enya still has her big bitchfest to go. It'll happen in another hour or so, but chicken will buy her silence. Emmett and Jet are too thrilled about having company to yell at us.

CD of choice lately has been Sting's The Soul Cages. You know how I get into a rut. But I think most will agree that there's nothing wrong with rutting. ;-) There are so many beautiful songs on this one that I just float on the music.

I have a lot of UFO*s in my head/notebooks/computer. I never used to do that - it was always one at a time, start to finish. So much for organisation. But John was helping me with my latest as we drove, so I have a bunch of that one fleshed out and I'm ready to create! I never used to be able to talk about what I was writing; the desire to write it would all evaporate once I leaked a concept. But it's working for me now. Huzzah!

*unfinished objects - a term from the sewing (and apparently also knitting) world. It has begun to apply to stories for me as well.

I got some bubble bath that really brings back memories. It's The Thymes: Fig leaf and cassis. It smells like something my uncle had with a fern in the bottle when I was a kid. Mmmm. I love that smell! Go smell some and then

Think of me
Think of me soaking
Soapy and relaxed
Imagine me
There in the bathtub
With the jets both maxxed. . .

Whoa, that almost seems to be heading down a slippery slope.

Like I always say, there's a POTO line (or song) for everything, and if there's not, it's easy to make one!! (sorry Frank! I'll try to keep it to a minimum, LOL!) Frank does not like POTO. Sacrilege, I know. ;-)

What are you listening to this weekend? I'll be floating with Sting some more and also listening to Sondheim, Sondheim and MORE Sondheim!!


Seeleah said...

Sondheim, about some Matt Pond :)

"You're in so - much - trouble..."

Or as the Prawn intoned lustily, "I don' fink I wanna fink about it, I don' fink-I-wanna FINK!!"

Candace said...

Har har!! YOU'RE in so much trouble. How's the translation going? Have you left the physical realm yet? ;-) I'm having Ménage à Trois. If you were here, you could have some, too.

Candace said...

PS - do you miss us yet?

Ack. Now that song is stuck in my head and I have to try to get my puter to spit it out at me. Or should I listen to MMmmmmmmmichael? Nope, Trouble is going to gnaw at me until I listen to it. Trouble Kelp! "I'm telling Mommy!" NO ONE is going to get that reference. At least not without Googlisation. I bet you a naked photo. You can use it for leverage with your man. (threaten to show it to him unless he does what you want, HAR!!)

Toby said...

Very rarely I get any references. But I do pick up on happy. Candace, you are the most happy person ever. Thank you.

Candace said...

LOL! It's true. :-) But I can't give you a neked photo for that answer. *cheesy grin*

umgdbhdg: I think that slipped out a little earlier tonight. According to dh. . .

GuTTer MuNKi said...

Yeah, you said "umgdbhdg". You also said a lot more *very* explicit things.

That was quite a performance. Is it any wonder my moniker is 'luckydog?'

Just in case anyone that cruises this space is wondering, Candace is anything but 'all HNT and no action!'

Damn, I *am* one lucky dog!!

Candace said...

D'oh!!! When I said feel free to comment more, I don't think I meant spill it, Baby! Bad dog!!! Come here. And bring your choke chain. , ,

Jaichan said...

Doesn't feel great to be home? I got home last night. Halifax, hurray! I've traveled extensively, but Halifax is my favourite city in the world. You gotta head to the East Coast, Candace!
After reading your post, I have 'Indiana Wants Me' in my head.
As for Sting, I think Soul Cages was the last album he did before I started to hate him. I really struggled with my dislike of Sting, as I was a huge Police fan.
Hmm. I think I'll listen to Soul Cages today, too.

tshsmom said...

Hooray for rutting!

B-Man said...

SO not suprised at your choice of wine. I second the rutting. She-rah come over!!!

B-Man said...

Can I be a bad dog too??

Faltenin said...

Ah yes, nice album.

But perhaps the dream is dreaming us...

Seeleah said...

If we think in purely Darwinian terms, that would be very *good* dogs.

Yes you can, and yes I will :)

Seeleah said...

And a free glass of Yellowtail to whomever (other than my sis and Bad Dog and Lucky Dog) can guess where this picture was taken . . . cause that'd just be cool if you did. Missing that place.

Candace said...

Jaichan -oops! You accidentally used the words "hate" and "Sting" in teh same sentence. ;-)

TSmom - I was hoping someone would agree!

Bobby - You are a very, very bad dog indeed. :-) Come! (hehe) Fetch my sis while you're at it. And no biting! Well, not too hard anyway.

Fal - Under the dog star sail. . . Nice tie-in, huh?? :-D

She-Ra - *doing my best Arnold imression* Oh! oh! Mista Koatta!! Oh I know. Oh! Oh!!

Fal could know, too, but I don't think he's actually mounted it. But there's a guy on his blog who may well know.

Trundling Grunt said...

It's getting lighter and warmer and so my music collection gets turned over - the track I've been playing overandoverandover is the Ibadan Remix of Central Reservation by Beth Orton. It's so Spring.

We always had that rhyme:-
To market, to market to buy a fat pig.
Home again, home again, jig-a-jig-jig.
To market, to market to buy a fat hog.
Home again, home again, jog-a-jog-jog.

ShyRocket said...

Candace, yes, it's true, I live in HK... when were you there, and why? ... work?

Candace said...

TG - I'm Googling that trying to cop a listen.

Shy - Sis (Seeleah up there ^) and I lived in Kowloon for 6 years. Our dad taught at a private school there. That was waaaaaaay back in the 70s though and considering how much construction is constantly happening there, I'm sure there's very little I'd recognise. Ocean Park and Ocean Terminal maybe and the few remaining natural landmarks like Lion Rock, etc. (if, indeed, they still remain, LOL!)

The other version of our story is that we were a missionary family, but I don't usually tell people that cuz it freaks thme out. We don't belong to that church anymore.

Jaichan said...

You lived in Kowloon? In the 70s? For six years? I'm so jealous. I love Hong Kong; I was there about 5 years ago.
I met my friend Caroline (she was living in China) and we went to Kowloon.
As much as I love Hong Kong, I hate the bloody new airport. Hate. Hate. Hate. I will have to send you the account of that trip along with the trip home last year.
And for the record, I don't hate many airports, just Logan, Hong Kong and Pusan. I quite like airports, actually. Especially Vancouver, Kuala Lampur and Don Muang in Bangkok, which is like a second home.

Candace said...

Yep. :-) It was a really great experience! Wow, you've been all over the place! I'd love to read about your trips. :-)

Trundling Grunt said...

The Ibadan Remix is on Pass In Time which was a special compilation iirc. The "Then Again" Version is pretty up-tempo also.