Saturday, April 08, 2006

More on Satin

Less than a week is long enough for me to have learned these things about satin sheets:

1) SLIPPERY! (duh)

2) Cold (brrrr)

3) Kind of tacky when you sweat (bleh)

4) Smooth - nice for rubbing feet (or whatever) around on, unless (3)

Overall, I prefer the jersey sheets. Yuuuuummmmm.

Today it was time to make stuff. Every now and then I must create something new. I have a shocking amount of fabric waiting to be made into various things, so today it was 1) Spiderman™ kitty pillow* for Gogo's bed, stuffed with super fluffy stuff and dried lavender from our garden 2) Similarly constructed girlie kitty pillow for The Prawn's bed and 3) Wizard/Dragon/Unicorn pillowcase for floopy old body pillow inherited by Slug when I was finally done being pregnant.

*Kitty pillows = fleece pillows that the kitties LOVE to lie on. The kids have been requesting some for their beds since the ones on our bed are always occupado and they want the kitties to sleep with them, too.

Yes, I can sew real things, too, but the kids seem to have plenty of clothes right now.

And then I felt like making more stuff, so I cranked out some peanut butter cookies. I think we're all getting pretty sick of non-chocolate-containing cookies. :-/ I put choc chips in the last batch for John and the kids.

Tonight we watched The Three Musketeers. I hadn't seen it in a long time. Bad part: not very convincingly acted, and since when were they all American? Good part: it's basically one gigantic sword fight broken into chunks that are strung together with bits of dialogue. Well, who doesn't love a good swordfight? At any rate, the kids liked it since they are way into swordfighting right now. (Thank you Frodo, Legolas, Aragorn et al.) Kind of made me want to see the Princess Bride again, though.

Tomorrow the plan is to get lumber for the raised garden beds and slap some together if it's decent out.

Is it possible that there are people in the world who have never seen the Star Wars parody Troops? This has been around for years. Click "movie" (not "film") to check it out. Watch for the Trooper in high heels.

Wench™ out.


Jaichan said...

Jersey sheets are up there on my list of all-time favourite things. I have a set of gorgeous butter yellow sheets that make me extremely happy. I crave yellow. Alas, I can't wear it... I was golden blonde most of my life (now a dishwater dark blonde with natural white-blonde streaks in the front). I also have jet-black eyebrows, green eyes (actually, the same colour as the background of your blog) and really high Celtic colouring; yellow makes me look like I need any variation of transfusion science can offer. Boo.
Princess Bride? My. Favourite. Movie. Ever.

Faltenin said...

Good idea.

Goes to fire up the Princess Bride DVD...

Oh, well, thank you very much, very nice of you. Your vote of confidence is overwhelming.

tshsmom said...

Thanks for the lavender idea!! I've been trying to incorporate lavender into Z's life. It has helped with anxiety issues. A lavender pillow would make a great sleep aid.
I want to start a lavender bed this summer. In cold climates, raised beds is the only way to go.
I'll bet that I have more fabric laying around than you do. ;)

Jenna Howard said...

The Princess Bride Rocks. In fact I may use it to stave on this Sunday boredome.


I do not think this means what you think it means.

Toby said...

Peanut butter cookies, I am the monster.

Not hip on the rest.

kitkat said...

I had not seen "Troops." Excellent! I like the storm trooper's midwestern accent. Nice touch.

Candace said...

Jaichan - yep, nothing can come close to the jersey sheets! I, too, began life as a blonde and am now a dirty dishwater blonde unless I use Sun-In. :-P

Fal - LOL! Enjoy your flick. :-)

TSmom - You might not want to make that bet. I should take pics of my stash! If you want realllllllly fluffy stuffing, Walmart's Morning Glory "Cluster Stuff" is amazing. LMK if you want some lavendar. I have way too much to use and more growing.

Jenna - It seems your friend is only mostly dead. ;-) I really want to see this again, now.

Toby - You haven't seen The Pricess Bride? Inconceivable! My next post will have fire. Everyone likes fire! :-) In the meantime, help yourself to a cookie.

Kitkat - is that not classic? Word has it that Lucas got wind of this and was going to sue the guys who made it, but then he saw it and hired them instead, LOL! I love how it all ties into the story!

Mr. Write said...

I think a satin ninja suit would be awesome!

Trundling Grunt said...

Jersey sheets are more snuggly, that's for sure.

Good weekend down here - got the veg garden under control and early peas planted (and lettuce come to think of it). Grilled out (chicken kebabs with a Thai/lemongrass marinade), and even caught a bit of sun. Lawnmower and strimmer also started first time-ish. Looks like the tarragon has survived - excellent.

Lavender is pretty soothing. Have you tried wheat bags (flax also works) with a bit of lavender scent? Pop them in the microwave and they stay warm and lavender scented for a long while.

Candace said...

Mr. Write - It would be snazzy, but I would fear the dangers of electrocution. (see Saturday's post)

TG - You are way ahead of me on the peas. I still have to fill the box with "lasagne layers" of growth mediums. (leaves, compost, dirt etc.) Actually, we have to finish hammering the box into the ground. But that's another story. :-P Yum - that dinner sounds fabulous!! We still have the snowblower on the mower. Dh is afraid of jinxing us into a blizzard if he removes it. Though I think he's nearly ready.

I haven't tried wheat bags. What do you use? Wheat berries? I think I stll have a bunch of flax. I should try one! Thanks for the great ideas!

tshsmom said...

LOL, my dh won't put the snowblower away yet, for the same reason!
I've got 5 boxes of old blue jeans waiting to be cut into a quilt. PLUS all the NEW material I have stashed all over the house.

Trundling Grunt said...

As to snowblowers, I bought one last autumn and only used it once this season. It's a sorta talisman against snow I think.

Wheat bags - well, let it never be said I didn't help a chum out. I don't know anything about making them, but here's some instructions:-

There is another site that inlcudes lavender buds in the mix.

Not sure what wheat berries that the same as seed?

The marinade is a good one for chicken/pork. Relatively simple and tasty. Want the details?

Trundling Grunt said...

And another one for the cats...

Candace said...

TSmom - funny that our dhs have the same superstition, LOL! Then again, living in the MW will do that to you. :-P

Fabric? 9 large Rubermaid drawers and 2 Costco wire cube racks mostly full. It's an illness. :-/ But I do sew most of their clothes except for what we're given. And I refuse to make jeans or socks. Boring! Well, I takie it back. I have made Mollusc a bunch of fleece socks, LOL!

TG - wow! Thanks!!! Wheat berries: "Also called groats, these are whole wheat kernels that have not been milled, polished, or heat treated." (somepleace I found on Google. I wanted to be sure I got it right, LOL! I have friends who buy them in bulk and then grind them into flour to make bread.

I would LOVE the details of that marinade!!!