Monday, April 24, 2006

Recovery Day

You know how that first work day after vacation is. Note to self: find and buy a CD of something new (to me) with a driving beat. Today I had to resort to Creed, which, let's face it, is not really as motivational as one needs when one is supposed to be buzzing around like a busy bee. But I wanted it LOUD and my 'puter doesn't play MP3s all that loud, and most certainly not in surround sound. So what has a nice peppy beat folks? Suggestions? Maybe I need to buy the Hit in the USA CD.

Yesterday was Sondheim Day™ at our house. My first impression: Sondheim takes the "music" out of musical theatre. Gasp. *dons asbestos suit* I'm not impressed by the "melodies" (read "chanting.") That said, some of the songs are VERY clever and witty and I'm sure that, like all things, they will improve with familiarity. I have a suspicion that Sondheim's work is the sort that you love when you see it, whereas Webber's is the sort that you love when you hear it. There is something to be said for both, and certainly much to be taken away from both. Each grows on you in its own way. I will, in my own turn, produce something that is both amazing to see AND hear. ;-) So far my favourite is "A Little Night Music." I do love the one where Frederick is singing about his Ann. Heh! And there was a rather more melodic one somewhere in all that, but I forget where. I'll be listening to it all a lot more.

Blogger is being a complete pratt. (as in numpty, not as in "& Whitney" )

I suppose that's my cue to get back on task. Have a productive day, but don't forget to stop and sniff.


Jaichan said...

Ooh... how about the 'Kill Bill' soundtrack?
Even if it's just for the 10 minute version of 'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' by Santa Esmeralda. That gets me going.
Of course, it also brings up urges to scalp someone with a samuri sword, but those dissipate quickly.

BajingoFett said...
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Candace said...

I'm gonna look it up! Thanks! Hee hee!! Scalping - that could be a handy mood for frenzied cleaning.

Faltenin said...

I just went and bought the Beck DVD set... :o)

I'll look around to see what music I can suggest...

ChickyBabe said...

Ah yes, nothing like Blogger playing up to force us do some real work. It can be such a timewaster!

Slade said...

that first day back is a bitch! I remember getting back from 2 weeks in Europe to my teller job (no windows in the campus bank that I worked at!) I was just plain bitter!

Candace said...

Fal, have you ever seen Danger Mouse?

Chickybabe - ain't that the truth? So many times I get on at night just to read for a few mins with plans to read a book afterwards and before I know it, it's been 2 hours!

Slade - no windows??!?! I'd be bitter even without the Euro trip to come back from, LOL!

Jay said...

Oooh, purty.

Toby said...

Candace, I've found either of the two classical CDs I own are very motivating, especially when played window rattling loud. They both have the classic Bach and Beetoven stuff, but each is a little different so between the two I have about 5 hours of good quality sounds to accomplish things while listening. If it gets boring, I make up lyrics.

The pictures are nice. I read today about the small, grape, smurf penis and found out there are a bunch of different varieties. I'd like to find some of the others to have the variety. I've not done anything but wait, but for five years I think I should find something that's a little more compatible with my yard.

It really sucks I can't even grow a weed even though my thumbs are pretty green.

Candace said...

Jay - you should see all the not purty pics it took to get those. And the careful cropping out of weeds and dead leaves. :-/

Toby - Hmm - I have some classical stuff. I like the Italian types like Vivaldi and Corelli. I should add to my collection. heh heh - I love to make up lyrics, but haven't ever done it for classical music.

Are there diff varieties of Smurf Penis? I sosn't know that. Do they come in diff colours or what? You might have good luck with crocuses, but they don't last very long. It's nice to see them pushing up through the snow, though. They're very optimistic little things. :-)

I can grow weeds like thre's no tomorrow. Well my lawn can. Hey, maybe that's what I need to do - try to cultivate the weeds! I bet that would kill 'em!!!

Toby said...

I have little space to grow pretty things. I'd rather use what space I have for veggies and other edibles. I even have a hard time with that due to living next door to a tavern where drunk, hungry people pour out at 2am. I also have a drunk guy who lives in the apartment above mine and he stumbles often, trampling things.

A few years ago in early June my veggie garden was off to a slow start when drunk guy through a party in the yard. I came home to find about 25 people all over the place, including three or four standing in my garden. Their excuse was they thought it was just dirt. Okay, my garden was off to a slow start, but they had a half acre of beautiful, luscious lawn to stand on. Why the hell they chose to stand and trample in my few square feet of dirt boggles my mind to this day. I chalk it up to being drunk.

I did salvage my tomatoes (they were tall enough) and a few pepper plants, but over all my garden was a bust. Since that year, it's been too cold and rainy way into June to even plant. I think I mentioned it, but so far this year Mother Nature is being perfect, she's shining on me. Wish me luck.

Toby said...

Oh, and the Hy... smurf peni are mostly purple, but I did see some white ones while I was searching with Google.

If you want to search yourself a good place to start is

Candace said...

That sucks about the stinking drunks. Maybe you need some razor tape around your garden. Or pitfalls with punji sticks in the bottom. *evil grin* I put hot peppers, kale, chives, mint, lemon balm and some other edibles in the flower beds amongst the flowers last year. The yard snobs didn't seem to notice, heh heh!

I've never seen white smurf peni! I'll have to check out Wiki. I do love Wiki for so many things! I'm so far behind on my peas. Did you know you're supposed to put those in as soon as you can work the ground? I can still plant them, but I'd have been able to have peas a lot earlier if I were on the ball.