Thursday, April 13, 2006

HNT and Really Baaaad Jokes

Whew! Right after the 2 hours of kids' classes this morning, we went to Kensington Park's Farm to ogle the critters. First up: Some rather new lambies and goats out with their mothers. I'm too sheepish to show the less-than-great goat shot, so you don't get that one. I kid you not.

After watching the babies for a while, we headed in to one of the barns, where we were met with the sight of Anabelle (I think that's her name) with her FIFTEEN piglets!!

I'm not extremely enchanted with grown up piggies (sorry piggies) but the babies are stinking irresistable!

This little guy was a real ham.

Whoever coined the phrase "It's a dog's life" had obviously never met pigs:

That was a very smiley little piggy. I have a lot of pics of him. Why? Porque he was so cute.

Next door to Anabelle and her horde was the Sheepoline™

I'm not spinning some outlandish yarn here. This baby was actually jumping up and down on her mama. Repeatedly.

She snuggled down for a few seconds (they are obviously a close-knit family)

but it didn't last.
Mama will get sheared next weekend and that will be the end of the Sheepoline.™

I have a baaaaaad feeling about what's for din-din:

Fresh sheep! Harriet's sign announced that she was still expecting, but no one was pulling the wool over our eyes as we could clearly see two babies in with her. The twins were born only this morning.

Hay there. You look like you could use a hand. Can I bale you out?

Outside, signs reminded us that nature can be cruel:

But then, unexpectedly, we saw this one:

So we did. We petted the "lamb's ear," admired the yarrow and tansy, sniffed the mint, and the children ate some of the chives. None of us were bitten.

On the way out we saw a couple of rock stars:

Dora and Diego rockin' out

After the Farm, we hit a local park and played. Sometimes we neglect our studies in favour of real life. That's one of the great advantages of homeschooling. :-)

Sparring was 3-step tonight. I'm very salty. And I was a fool not to think of putting arnica on my latest shin smash. After class tonight I definitely remembered. Argh. I just tapped it against someone's block and holy cow did it hurt. I was pretty gimpy on my left leg round kicks after that. On the plus side, I tried something new - padaba chugee with a crescent kick instead of round kick and doinked my partner in the head. I can't find a decent description of what that means, but at least now if I forget what I did, I have it written down somewhere. :-P

Oh yeah - HNT. Just sneaking in under the wire! I didn't Adobe out my racing stripes, but the grey helps downplay them a wee bit. Anyway, hey, that's how it is, so oh well. Considering that I've had a total of four baby humans crammed in there, I'm not going to complain.


Logophile said...

You look lovely, racing stripes, or love lines, or whatever you want to call them and all.
Now, seriously girl, we have GOT to talk about your addiction to puns.
Great pics, I love the sheepoline™
My kids have a Nintendo game in which their guy does that exact thing, kinda funny.

Faltenin said...

I'll never be able to call you "Babe" again, now, will I? You'd go "oink!"

And don't be worried about racing stripes. Guys aren't afraid of their battle scars, they're proud, they show they've been there, done that, and survived...

Anonymous said...

Faltenin makes a good point about men's scars. You look terrific, racing stripes or no.

Love the sheep pics too. I heart sheep. But only in a platonic way.

Candace said...

Aw, thanks everyone. :-)

Logo - I do like puns. *cheesy grin* Wish I could have taken a vid clip of the Sheepoline™.

Fal - Ha!! I might even snort. ;-) I really like scars on men. (hope that's not sick and twisted)I'm not sure they have the same appeal on women, but I'm not a guy, so I don't know. Maybe in a Viking society. . . My racing stripes are not attractive in full colour, but to quote Vonnegut "so it goes," LOL!

Kitkat - thanks. :-) They were very sweet sheep, but also VERY LOUD!!! MMMMMBAAAAAHHHHHH! Especially in the barn. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Hey those racing stripes gave you for chitlins.

Our Fal...defender of female scars.

My brother's friend's family raise sheep and one summer he was visiting and twins were born so they named them after him. Poor sheep. To live forever with his name. I shed a tear every time I think about it.

Nice belly! If mine looked like that I'd be posting day!

tshsmom said...

I'm grateful that our human babies don't have hooves!

Egan said...

Hello there chica! Yo, nice abs and stuff. Oink!

Candace said...

Jenna - thanks. :-) Did both sheep get his first name? Or did one get his first and the other his middle name?

TSmom - you said it! That would be awful!

Egan - Merci, mon cher! :-) Oinque!

Jaichan said...

Herb gardens are glorious. Bettie and I are trying to figure out how to spin wool from sage.
Unfortunately, I can't look at a pig without picturing it being broken into primal cuts with a cleaver and a band saw (by the jawdroppingly sexy B&B Chef instructor at my school).

Candace said...

I was thinking of trying to make an herb spiral this year.

Wool from sage? Well it would be cheaper, I bet, LOL! And smell nice.

LOL! As long as he's sexy anything goes. ;-) You should post a pic of him on your blog! Adorned with sage. And nothing else. }:->

Jaichan said...

Hahah, don't I wish! He's one of those guys who is so sexy even straight men have crushes on him. I can barely look at him; I just stare at his shoes.
He wears very nice steel-toed wing-tips.

Candace said...

You'll have to build some sort of knife-cam and secretly take tons of pics!!

"Um, excuse me, Mr. Sexy Chef - could you look directly at my knife?" *click* "Thank you. Oh - yes, um, well, can you tell if it looks sharp enough? Er. . ."

Jaichan said...

Knife cam! Great idea! But I can do a bit better...
He's on the end in the burgandy shirt and silver tie.
It's not possible to capture his sexy swagger in a picture... ROWR.

Jaichan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Candace said...

Ooooh RAWR is right! :-) OOoh, I want to see his swagger stick :-o oops - I mean swagger. :-D He actually reminds me a bit of my dh.

Anonymous said...

One sheep got his first name and one got our last name.

[Mat] said...

It looks nice. And racing stripes? love those. I know, I'm crazy