Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Terrier Barks at Midnight

. . .and at midnight-thirty, and at 1 am, and at 1:30 am. . .

Well the terrier is barking
Is that dog still awake out there ?
The terrier is barking
Is that dog still awake out there ?
The terrier is yapping
He's not silenced by my glare
The terrier is barking
Is that dog still awake out there?

Oh, oh BROTHER!*

We're dogsitting, and his "9 o'clock bedtime" is not functioning as advertised. Sigh. I hope the neighbours don't hate us. Fortunately, most of them have dogs who have barked now and then as well. He's actually a very smart dog. He's already learned "come here" and "sit" in Korean. :-) But at night he turns into
Gnarls Barkley. If nothing else, we have all learned to appreciate dogs like Jamie's as the very best kind of dog to have.

Tonight we watched "
Peter Pan" and OMG, I have to say it was GREAT! Wow. The kids all loved it, too. Lucius Malfoy is sinfully delicious as Hook. Who doesn't love a pirate?

And finally, thanks to GuTTer MuNKi, (awwww) who brought
this lovely piece of news to my attention, proving once again that, yes, there is a God, and He wants me to be happy. :-) Say it, MuNKi. Mmmm, that's right. "Bond. James Bond."

Be still my beating heart
Or I'll be taken for a fool
It's not healthy to run at this pace
The blood runs so red to my face

I've been to every single book I know
To soothe the thoughts that plague me so
I sink like a stone that's been thrown in the ocean
My logic has drowned in a sea of emotion
Stop before you start
Be still my beating heart

*Thank you, Sting. And my sincere apologies for bastardizing some of the lyrics to "Mother," but if you could hear what I hear, I'm sure you'd understand. And besides, Somers wrote that one anyway, right?


Faltenin said...

What happens at 2:13 am?


Candace said...

Maybe that's when I open my red door to the Ice Queen and Sun King and they eat "thirteen lumps of chease." (that's a very interesting spelling, isn't it?)

Actually, I do have some stories about things that may have taken place at 2:13. They're happier than yours. ;-)

tshsmom said...

We enjoyed that version of Peter Pan too. I can't understand why the critics hated it.

Candace said...

Did they? Well, that explains why I liked it, then. I rarely agree with the pretentious twits.

tshsmom said...

Me neither!