Sunday, July 09, 2006

Random modnaR

Let the Randivity spew forth:

1) Use For a Cat #1138: I made Trillian dizzy with a
Cat Dancer yesterday. She was running/falling sideways. If I knew how to post YouTube stuff I'd go for it. She got so tired she started panting, poor thing. I hope that doesn't constitute animal cruelty. I did it for her health after all - she's a bit pudgy these days. Today was instant replay day, but she'd learned not to run after it once she was dizzy. She can't leave the thing alone though.

2) Woody Allen *has* made
a movie I can stomach. Go figure.

3) Picking sour cherries is an entertaining family/friends activity.

4) They're called "sour cherries" for a reason.

5) Donuts and cider are *still* great together.

6) Mortarific *could* be a combo of Mortification and Horrific, but it can also be a combo of Mortar and Terrific. My sister is not having a crisis. She is happy to have a new explosive toy.

7) That last bit sounded kinda dirty

8) It's good to keep an anonymous sex blog. I highly recommend it.

Nausicaa, like, totally rocks!11!!eleventyone!!one!!

10) Mark Hamill has done voiceover for every single animated feature since 1979. Impressive. And he IS a Jedi.

Nathaniel Parker is an EXCELLENT reader of the Artemis Fowl audiobooks. And holy crap, after Googling him, he's easy on the eyes, too. Yes, I'd pay for a DVD of him sitting reading the book. ;-)

12) Most audiobooks readers seem to have theatre experience.

13) Eoin Colfer is a brilliant author. "Her smile shrank by a couple of molars." Brilliant.

14) Decanters really do improve the wine

15) Even if you got yours on sale at Walmart for $3.50

16) Don't let your kids try to hoist your friend's kid up to the loft with a block and tackle

17) Even if you ARE busy scrapping with his mom

18) The fridge door is about to fall off.

19) Does that mean it's about to be curtains for 2 other appliances as well?

20) Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is the longest train station name ever. It means, 'St Mary's church in the hollow of the white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the church of St Tysilio of the red cave.' Makes me proud to have a few drops of Welsh blood swirling through my veins (along with a hodgepodge of about 8 other things, none of which are French.)

I forgot the GuTTer MuNKi link last time. So here's a bonus.


GuTTer MuNKi said...

That bonus GuTTer MuNKi link is, like, so obviously Egan that I reject it outright. You can tell by the upside down Polish Sausage.

Candace said...

*gigglesnort* Truer words were never spoken!

polyergos said...

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is a disease I hope I never get while visiting Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

Go, Mark Hamill, Go!

Candace said...

LOL! Say that 3 times - aw heck just 1 time fast.

Logophile said...

In response to all that randomness I have this to say:
I painted a tea tray purple today,
Thing Two finally lost a tooth,
New paint and new rug in a small room makes me sick,
Hoodwinked is a better movie the second time,
80s music gets old after the second hour, no, minute.

Candace said...

Ah, so much in so few words. It's like a mini-blogpost. :-) Go Thing Two!!!!! Maybe it was he 80s music making you sick, not the paint and rug. Did you do any scientific experimentation? ;-)

Logophile said...

Separate time and place, the 80s music was in the garage, where Mr. Logo had control of the radio.
I am still recovering.

Egan said...

Is there a new post coming soon that doesn't involve cats?

Toby said...

Both my washer and dryer broke within a week of each other. Beyond repair broke.

My kitchen sink broke, them my toilet broke a few days later, and now my shower is dripping a few days after that.

This is not random!!!!!

Candace said...

Logo - that had to be rather traumatic. GuTTer MuNKi has a thing for some of that music that makes me green around the gills. But I have to admit to liking the *good* stuff from the 80s. ;-)

Eggan? Aegan? How do you spell Egan? Anyway, I will work on something just for you.

Toby, ACK, ACK, and ACK!! It totally sucks, doesn't it? At least your landlord is financially responsible for that stuff, right?

Spider Girl said...

Heh, about # 20. Two of my cousins hail from Llanfair PG (that's what they very sensibly shorten it to). :)

Candace said...

OMG, seriously? That's a hoot! I hope they do that for mailing addresses, too. I can't imagine trying to teach a kid to write their address otherwise, LOL!