Monday, July 17, 2006

Great Health Report Card - No Cs

GuTTer MuNKi got the call today that all is well and good; no cancer. What a huge relief! Thank you all for your prayers, support and good vibes. :-) After that news, things were looking up for the rest of the day.

In the ensuing euphoria, I saw things in nature that might have appeared totally innocent to the untrained (and non-euphoric) eye. But I bet some of you will get them right away.

Yes, R-rated flower and veg pics. Forgive me. I'm still giddy. My brain takes off on this flight of fancy and there's no telling where it will go.

Well, OK, we can all be relatively certain it will make a beeline for the gutter. :-P (No, there's nothing suggestive about the butterfly as far as I can tell.)

I've probably announced more than once that I'm back on the Flylady wagon, but I keep falling off. Well, I've leapt on again. And I plan to blog about it to make myself more accountable. So, yes, my sink is shiny.

Oh, yeah, and on the windowsill, you can sort of see the little Toledo steel swords, which I DID get on eBay. I had a pic for today involving one of those, but it didn't turn out so great, so I'll try again later. Maybe tomorrow.

Well, it's 11:15 and there's still a lot I want to do tonight. And besides, the wind's howling like anything out there and the power is flickering, so I'd better get this up before I lose my juice. Heh heh. I said -- OMG somebody control me!

Oh, yeah. GuTTer MuNKi (OMG rugby is suddenly SO my favourite sport ever!) sent me this link today. Very entertaining if you like stop motion films (and even if you don't) or are a child of the 80s.
PS - Ha ha ha!!! Kitkat, you got your laptop there in NY? In case you do, check out the latest blog in my sidebar. Yes, Broken Lizard blogs!!! :-)


Toby said...

I'm glad to hear GM is in the clear. Very satisfying news.

You don't seem to be the type who needs the FlyLady thing.

The Space Invaders vid is great. I used to play that game all the time at Johnny's Pizza. The Space Invaders Deluxe table top version. If I beat the high score (my high score) Johnny would give me a pizza.

Logophile said...

Congrats on the good news, now you can have the lights on
(snicker snicker)
Dirty bird!
Oh, and flylady rocks, I like the extra assignments because it is often something we need to do, although the run of the mill clutter, tidying and cleaning is usually pretty well under control around here, beauty of living with someone who has OCD (hear Mr. Logo in the background, "I do NOT!!")

tshsmom said...


NICE eggplant you've got there. ;)

The Flylady is cool, but I have to adapt her ideas to my household. I REFUSE to get up any earlier than I do (5 a.m.) to clear clutter! My kitchen sink is always clean, so I make it a rule to make sure my counters are cleared off and wiped before I go to bed.

Trundling Grunt said...

Ok, I must have missed the GM bit but am so pleased that everything turned out ok. Loved the Space Invaders link - very clever and must have taken a lot of planning to do so well. The naked rugby - man you'd have to watch out for your tackle wouldn't you (mind, it's a winter sport so probably not too big a risk).

Candace said...

Toby - HA! (this is my loudest laugh) I'm flattered (and surprised) that you think I'm the type who doesn't need FLYlady, but, sadly, nothing could be farther from the truth. There is always clutter here. Always. Flat surfaces are an invitation to drop everything. :-P Books lie in haphazard piles, each one vying for our attentions. At the moment, a large pile of Bionicle pieces (still mostly on their sheet to facilitate easier pickup, but still not picked up) graces the living room floor. You remember how you posted that picture of the fridge and I said you were brave, and I would never do that? That mine looks like the inside of the fridge in Ghostbusters? (I cannot for the life of me find a decent picture of this to link.) Dude, how sad is it that I consciously move people in photos so that the clutter on the table or countertop behind them doesn't show, or that I have Adobed dirt or clutter off the floor in blog photos? Sigh. Oh yes, I definitely need Flylady. :-P

Logo - Flylady is SO the woman! My sink is still shiny. I wish dh was OCD. OK, no I don't. It would drive me insane. He's that way about a couple of things: food and certain things that must be "just so" or done just one way -- the only "right" way, LOL! -- and it does drive me bonkers. But I also drive him bonkers when I cross-thread jar lids or leave a modicum of air in a zippy plastic bag. :-P Extra assignments, yeesh, I'm still on baby steps.

TSMom - Heh heh! Dirty-looking innit?

I REFUSE to wear shoes. And I don't get up until 8:30 or 9 depending on when dh gets up. (I usually shower when he gets out.) So far, the clutter clearing doesn't have to be done before I do the PODA. Does it come to thtat later? *cringe*

TG - I loved the Space Invaders, too. Very cool! And I like how they credited the "pixels" at the end, LOL! Heh heh! Tackle! :-D I wonder if they have much of an issue with burst balls?

Slade said...

YAY!!! Cancer free is always awesomeness!
I love the sex flowers--do you like Georgia O'Keefe? I want to get a huge red flower of Georgia O'Keefe's to put above our bed. I heard that red is the best color to have in your bedroom.

Strow said...

glad there is no cancer.

you have a beautiful sink. has it ever been used???

Jess said...

yay for GM!
What is that cute little green butterfly?

Candace said...

Slade, I DO like Georgia O'Keefe! I, too, wanted a red one in the bedroom. Our bedroom walls are wine coloured. We have a harem theme going on in there. :-)

Strow - I should have taken a before pic. :-) Flylady's big thing is to start with your kitchen sink. Supposedly the cleanliness virus spreads from there. :-)

Jess, I'm pretty sure it's a cabbage white. The top side is white, but the underside is pale green.