Thursday, July 27, 2006

Not the Sharpest Knife in Drawers

So today I discovered this singer dude named James. To put it bluntly, I love this song. (Yes, I know I'm waaaaaaaay behind the power curve on this whole, uh, phenomenon - see previous post) OK, so the lyrics don't rock. I usually like the cerebral lyrics à la Sting's, but hey, who's listening to the words in this one? I just like his voice and the tune.

Can this be my HNT? I don't really get the point of the vid. If, indeed, there is a point. I suspect that perhaps the director wanted to raise awareness of
OCD. In which case I'm grateful that he didn't go with the hand-washing version, wherein Mr. B. is forced to wash his hands until they bleed. I mean, seriously, when I get undressed, my clothes are flying off all over the place. Aren't yours? I suppose this is one reason why I need Flylady.

But being the completely serious person that you all know I am, I also wanted to share this very moving tribute to Mr. Blunt:

Having never heard of
Jon Culshaw before this morning (also see previous post) I am now his newest and die-hardiest fan. Even though I still love JB. (nø, realli) The rhyming slang thing slays me.

A little Googling has also alerted me to the fact that the rest of the civilised world apparently loathes JB. So picture me doing exactly the same thing as both JB and JC, only in reverse and with an asbestos suit.


Ready now.


Egan said...

Let's see if you posted the clean or raw version of the song. This song has been out for ages. Get with the program. You are so beautiful Candace.

Okay, it's not "flying high". Damn radio edits.

Candace said...

Yeah, I found that out, too, when I went to download the album today. Maybe it will surprise you that I downloaded the clean version. I have younglings, YK.

I AM with the program. Well, part of it. I just got there today. Cut me some slack, dude. Or else send me music to get me with the rest of the program. (yes, yes!!) Have you ever tried listening to the radio with kids around? HA! Not gonna happen.

"Today, 3 men were gunned down --" **scan** "5 children were slaughtered by their mother today--" **scan** "f---, s---, d--- f-- f-- motherf---- f---- f----" (rap channel) **scan**. . .

"Mommy what's a prostitute/suicide/gangbanger/etc.?"

"Why's he f-ing high?"

Uh, well cuz he's an idiot druggie?

Madonna had the right idea with the while media void thing, but she's a damn hypocrite, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I liked the JB song until my mom said she really liked it. When Mom likes something, it's officially not cool. Just the way it is.

Candace said...
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Candace said...

Heh! Maybe your mom just became cool!

Then again, I'm not on the cutting edge of coolness (more like the trailing edge, if I'm even on the same plane (SNAKES!) at all,) so it's far more likely that it has lost its coolness factor entirely, LOL!

Now if could just add some lyrics with meaning. . .

Jaichan said...

I'm pretty useless when it comes to newer, Top 40 pap. It flies under my radar. But they play a border radio station at work (between St Stephen, NB and Calais Maine) and it makes me want to chew my wrists open.

Candace said...

ROFL!! :-)

Faltenin said...

Well, it's a strange vid, but at least it isn't the usual singing in front of a camera with gold chains around my neck, pointing my fingers, with bikini-clad beauties stroking my back...

Candace said...

Yeah, you get that enough without the excuse of "video-making." ;-)

I read a "deeper-meaning" theory about it somewhere, but it was a bit too much like English class and probably overanalyzed.