Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nearly Kilt

Sometimes I wonder if people are offended by my avatar. It's rude to show someone the bottom of your foot in some cultures. I thought about changing it, and then I decided not to. It's a quick and easy read on who I am - martial artsy, and gauche enough not to change it. In much the same vein, some people are highly offended by the fact that I've chosen to have 4 children, but I've decided to keep them anyway. Abe Lincoln was right (and homeschooled/self-taught!)

My extremely talented sister (who, now that she has a man, no longer communicates with me except for popping onto Gchat long enough to say "Hi, I have to go. Bye!") did a "
Concert on the Square" (click on "week 5") with Navan the other night. They rocked the place (well, in a traditional Celtic-y sort of way) and sold tons of CDs. But more importantly, they got to see this man. . . wait for it. . .

in a kilt. *thunk*

Add to this man-cake the icing of a gorgeous NZ accent and you have yourself a perfect happy place. (I can't stop giggling at "man-cake," though the man himself is no laughing matter.)

None of this information was imparted to me by my evil, evil sister.

Do you like
Men in Kilts? I do. (I think this page is mostly targeted at other men, though)

At any rate, I'm sure a kilt would've come in handy during the
flooding they had on Thursday.

I've seen guys in Utilikilts™ and they don't look weird at all to me. (semi-random thought)

This reminds me that I want to go to the
Ren Faire this year. Nø, realli. Every year I want to go, but we never do. I suspect that this is because GuTTer MuNKi loves me rather less than he professes to. Maybe if I make him a kilt, tie him up and ravish him. . .


Trundling Grunt said...

No, not wild about the whole kilt thing. Don't have a tartan that I know of and have dreadful legs.

SighsofmyLife said...

DH and I were just talking about kilts today while IMing. He wants to take advantage of the mood that certain books put me in. He's hope Laurell Hamilton writes a new book right before he gets home from Iraq. I told that if nothing else, he could have me re-read the Outlander series, but I might make him wear a kilt if I did. So long discussion of kilts, what's under kilts, and pictures of men in kilts. Love to get him in one.

Candace said...

Oh, come on, TG. You can surely dredge up something from your past to which you can relate a Tartan. Then again, you English types are usually way purer-blooded than we American mutts, LOL! I've got some obscure clan in my background. Probably the ugliest tartan they make with my luck. ;-) You'll have to let us be the judge of your legs. People are rarely objective about their own bods.

Sighs, that's a hoot! :-) MMMmmm. I'm going to have to read those Outlander books. Tons of people rave about them. Jamie, is it? I looked at lots of pics of men in kilts today as *ahem* research for this post. I should cobble up some kind of desert camo untilikilt for your dh. :-D I think no undies is the best option.

Slade said...

I think kilts are very cool...I probably wouldn't use the word sexy to describe them--unless Gerard Butler were to wear one...or johnny depp


SighsofmyLife said...

Definitely read the Outlander books. Parts of them are hard to read (hard subject matter), but I love them. One of the few books I've read more than once.

Our rear detachment officer has a utilikilt. I've seen him in it several times and it is awesome. Recently there was a picture in the paper of him golfing in it. I love a man who's man enough to wear a kilt.


kitkat said...

I can't say I really like a man in a kilt. Those pics on the website are a slightly different story--you put a hot dude in *anything* and he'll look yummy, so that's not really fair :)

I'm a men-in-pants kind of girl, I guess.

Candace said...

Ooh, Slade, have you seen the GB in kilts pics? There's one on that page, though not the best of those I've seen from that event (Dressed to Kilt.) And there are others from diff functions. Like, Sighe, I love a man who's man enough to wear a kilt. :-) I dunno if Johnn Depp has worn one. I saw Vin Diesel in one.

Sighs, they're definitely on my list. They may even be jumping to the head of the line, LOL! How cool that that guy will wear his kilt!

Kitkat - Really? Maybe the bit of Scotch blood in me takes over when I see a kilt, LOL!

Jaichan said...

Oh my god. I'm from Nova Scotia. I went to St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish.
You cannot swing a dead cat without hitting a man in a kilt in the summer.
I likey my boys in kilts. Yum.
DeeDee, my best friend, is the tailor on Citadel Hill in Halifax. She spends her day dressing men in kilts.

Logophile said...

Seattle has a pretty good sized utilikilt contingent. I like em.
I like real kilts too, either way.
Mr. Logo has considered getting one, that would be cool.

winters said...

Hello Candace. It's my first comment, so of course I'll be polite.

I'm not offended by the foot picture.

Though I'd hate you to kick me in the head.

However, violence is sometimes okay.

Candace said...

OMG Jai, I'm very, very jealous, LOL!

Logo, you should definitely post a pic should Mr. Logo end up kilted. :-)

Hi Winters! Welcome. :-) I would never kick you in the head. Especially if you were wearing a kilt. ;-)

Egan said...

I saw a man in a kilt recently and it wasn't good. Usually they are older men with not-so sexy legs. And, I'm in the "change the avatar" camp, but that's because your foot is larger than my head.

tshsmom said...

Candace, you MUST read Diana Gabaldon!! Her Outlander series is my favorite series.

Candace said...

LOL Egan. Are we talking Fat Bastard type legs?? Shagadelic, Baby!! (or not, actually)

TSmom - OK,another recc - they just got bumped up. Maybe I'll even read them DURING the Thos Covt. books, LOL! I'm going to put them on hold at the library right now.