Friday, July 14, 2006


Pink Ass. . .tilbe

OK, so I wussed out. What a pussy. I had this great idea for an HNT of the Meow variety, but the pics didn't come out like I was hoping. I'll try refining the idea, butt in the meantime you get what you get.

But first you have to put up with the flowery crap. It's called pleasure delaying. Yadda yadda yadda. (OK pleasure, I can't really guarantee, so I don't know what to call it exactly.)

White - I dunno - kinda looks like a balloon flower. I think it's Campanula.

Do I detect a white theme? Bachelor's Buttons is what keeps jumping into my head, but maybe it's Spinster's Snaps or Ho's Hooks or something.

The ones that always make me smile and that are no doubt getting old for all y'all.

Not a flower at all. Well, soon he'll be clinging to the wall. I guess then he'll be a wallflower.

Not what I had planned, but a fun idea from GuTTer MuNKi.

If I have bored you to tears, or even if I haven't, check out the Trapped in the Closet vids as mentioned on Kay's blog. (Troubled Actor Guy over there ---> ) Wow. What a convoluted mess, LOL! But fun.
Oh, and if you want to laugh, look up Laurie Notaro's "The Idiot Girl's Action-Adventure Club" I'll probably have to get more of her books to make me laugh again after I read A Fine Balance.
She even has a blogsite.

Is that a Six Foot Vanilla I see in the Sky? Nope. My bad. Just some kind of volcano-dwelling deity.


[Mat] said...

That's a nice kick. Tae Kwon do I think. At least from what I remember. Gonna read on a bit...

[Mat] said...

Woah, I had not seen the last picture.


Candace said...

Thank you and thanks again. :-) I'm getting more flexible in my old age. :-)

Egan said...

I've seen more muscles on my overweight kitty. Meow.

Anonymous said...

There's that hot geek again. LOL

And last weeks. Yowza!

Toby said...

I think this is the first time I popped in for the HNT. GM is proud I'm sure.

The flowers are very cool too. I think you know I'm gardenless this year. My new guy planted hostas. The one thing that don't need much care after they're established. Silly new guy, they're all dying off with this lack of rain and heat.

The ass even weedeated my purple grape thingy, it starts with a "c" or an "h", you told me. It'll come back next year.

This year I'll live vicariously through your garden(s). I've let the ass know next year all his dead ideas will be long gone.

Candace said...

Egan - meOW! LOL! Is that for not following through with my original plan? Don't give up hope. If, indeed, you were hoping and not fearing.

Thanks, Sal! :-)

Toby, I remember you saying that you didn't get to do veggies this year. Hostas are boring. I planted some this year only because they came with some garden kits I ordered (lazy but effective.) I like flowers and veggies much better.

I can't believe that cretin whacked your grape hyacinths. :-( At least they were probably already spent by that time. (right?) They're very early to flower and then you get nothing until the next Spring.

I hope you get to have a decent garden next year. My friend does an amazing amount of gardening in containers on her balcony. (she's in an apartment) Maybe you could try some containers with the plants that are all on sale now. :-)

GuTTer MuNKi said...


GM is proud.
GM is intrigued.
GM gets his ass kicked sparring her.

polyergos said...

That last photo has pushed all my Bachelor's Buttons. Maybe even kicked them in my nards.

Candace said...

Lucky, you know I don't kick your ass. You always spinning back kick me across the room before I get a chance. :-P

Poly, heh heh! You make me feel ok about being 37, LOL!

Egan said...

I aim to please Candace.

Candace said...

The lack of comma makes that the most delicious sentence ever uttered by mankind. :-)