Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Things I Should Have Heard Of Before This Week (but hadn't)

Isn't it amazing how you can get through life not having heard of some people or things, while others take knowledge of them for granted?

Try these:

Alice Band (really obvious when you think about it)


Jo Malone

Gayle somebody

somebody Bass

Generally speaking, if it involves fashion brands, current news-splashy people or television shows, I'm going to be clueless. But there are some things I take for granted that I guess others don't, like:

tongue thrust

female ejaculation


panning (not panning, or panning)

gulab jamun (OMG So. Hungry. Now.)

Moving along. . .

Pet Peeve :

Improper usage of all-encompassing statements


"All Sean Connery movies are not bad"
"Not all Sean Connery movies are bad."

"Everyone shouldn't go braless."
"Not everyone should go braless."

Random news:

GuTTer MuNKi and I watched French Kiss last night. Cute. Entertaining. Not stellar, but fun. Had some great lines. ("si. . . plein de poissons") I just love Kevin Kline.

And over the 2 previous nights, we watched "You Only Live Twice" in hopes that I could wash that Connery pic from my brain, but alas, this was not the film for the job. I had always remembered the Bond flicks as suave and slick. Sadly, this is not the case. I think Austin Powers is rather more debonaire and polished, actually. Bummer.

I mentioned before that my latest review book was kinda sucky. I tried to keep reading. Really, I did, but I couldn't. The glaring grammatical and spelling errors, self-contradictions, and lack of polished writing were too much for me. And that was all by page 24. Need I add that it was self-published? Not that I have something against self-publishing per se. But my view is definitely an example of:

All self-published books are not bad


Not all self-published books are bad.


Faltenin said...

tongue thrust: yum!

gulab jamun: yum yum!

female ejaculation: yum yum yum!

Egan said...

All blogs with random links suck.

Candace said...

No, Fal. NOT yum! Well, OK, in some situations, but generally speaking, no.

But yes, Yum yum, and yes, yum, yum yum!


All biathlon runners are not gay
Not all biathlon runers are gay

It's an important distinction.

Candace said...

Ooooh! Fal, amo il vostro nuovo avatar.

Egan said...

You do know what a biathlon is right?

Candace said...

Didja click my link? It was so perfect! Iwanted to use the one that involved shooting because of your gun, and then your post and your Iron moan - well, it all just fell into place so well. I think God had something to do with it.

HAHA - I have to leave that Iron typo.

Er, wait. Did you have a different definition?

Egan said...

I don't click links on this blog anymore.

Candace said...

Smart man. You'll be missing some fun, but some visual atrocities as well.

Trundling Grunt said...

Did you see Midsummer Nights Dream? Love that play and it's a good movie too.

lots of yum.

Candace said...

Nooo! Love the play, but the movie looks lurvely! It's going on my list. :-) Extra Yum!

Egan said...

Poop on you.

Candace said...

Flung or unflung? Shaken, or stirred?