Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Frogpole Blogpole

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." ~Robert A. Heinlein

Last night Trillian asked why Egan asked for a post without cats. I explained as best I could (given that's it's truly hard to believe that ANYONE could fail to appreciate the exquisitely amazing creature that is the cat) and she appeared to think about it for a moment or two.

And then she snorted and walked off, shaking her head.

Before you read any further, here's a quick question:

Do you know how tadpoles develop their arms/front legs?

I thought they developed like the rear ones. - little buds that grow out and develp into arms, right? WRONG! They actually develop *underneath the skin* and then pop out when they're all ready. COOL, huh? I was joking that this must happen after my friend said hers seemed to develop them overnight. But then it seemed that that might actually be what *was* happening. This morning, it was pretty obvious that, yes indeed, that's what was going on. This morning before TKD Sam (or Merry) had one front leg:

And by the time we got home, the second one had popped out.

His shape has become a lot more froggy, too. Once those arms pop out, the taddies aren't all sperm-shaped anymore.

And now I leave you with this last piece of food for thought.

The problem with cats is that they get the exact same look on their face whether they see a moth or an axe-murderer. ~Paula Poundstone

Here's hoping your alarm system doesn't consist of a cat.


Egan said...

Paula Poundstone got that right. And they shit in my garden and have hair. Oh don't forget this either, they make freaky noises when mating. I don't need to hear that. Candace, I'm going to email you a picture.

Egan said...

Can tadpoles eat cats?

Slade said...

Tadpoles are so cool! I am missing my kitties and dogs right now--they are already in Huntsville...we thought it would be easier to take them down early so they wouldn't be traumatized by the boxes and moving. My in-loves are watching them. I will have to post pics of them some time.

Candace said...

They have hair? This is a bad thing? I think the bald ones look pretty gross, actually. Aw, shoot, I forgot my Egan picture. Next time. . .

I don't think our tadpoles are quite big enough to eat the cats. Looks like they're shaping up to be tiny little tree frogs. They're ever so cute.

Slade, I would miss my kitties a lot, too! At least you know they're in good hands!

Logophile said...

I am allergic to cats, that is my excuse.
They also terrorize the birds that come to my feeders, poop in my flowerbeds, and scream out their feline ecstasy while I am trying to sleep.
I have to say, I do see Egan's point

Candace said...

Feline ecstasy, LOL! People in WA must be particularly rude about keeping cats. Maybe because it's not so cold in the winter? Here, they seem to be indoor pets more often than not. Ours certainly are. There are too many dangers and diseases for them outside.

Egan said...

We hate cats in Washington state. An initiative is on the ballot to ban them from all private and government buildings. I don't think that goes far enough though. I think they should all be locked up or something. I will get back to you Candace when I have a final decision.

Candace said...

What?!?! You lied about the picture? Is it a picture of your left hand?

YK, you're not all that far off with your initiative thing. Some peeps in Madison tried to make it legal to shoot cats. Jerks. Fortunately the initiative failed.

Egan said...

I should move to Madison. Oh, let me find that picture and email it to you.

Yours truly,
Senor Gato

Candace said...

I can't believe the extent of your Evilness. Are you Dr. Evil?