Saturday, July 01, 2006

Links comma Sausage comma Creative

Caveat Lector: from now on, click GuTtEr MuNKi links AT YOUR OWN RISK. Some are not for children under 18. None are for the emotionally mature.

Hey! Check out Mr. Froggy's legs (well, leg.) He's keeping them small so some evil Frenchman doesn't kill him and rip them from his corpse for lunch. ;-)

Today after kids' sparring, we headed off to GuTtEr MuNKi's co-worker's house to see her Savannah cat, Ozzy. Before doing so, however, I made a string of catnip sausages for her pixie-bob (some sort of bobcat derivative) Sigma, and a string of lavender sausages for Ozzy. Lavender affects lions like catnip affects housecats, so I figured it was worth a try. And most housecats like lavender anyway, so why not? Needless to say, I had helpers who eagerly offered to perform quality contol checks on the catnip during this task.

But the carelessly proffered help soon degenerated into a boxing match over who got to do the next test.

Then it was on to see Sigma and Ozzy. Sigma graciously accepted our gift of catnip sausages.

And was, in fact, quite taken with them.

Ozzy was interested, but not horribly impressed, preferring to play with some of his fishing toys.

Please note that the hairy legs in the background belong to GuTter MuNKi and not me.

On the way home, we hit Joe Randazzo's, (whoops, this one, not that one) where we stocked up on lots of fresh fruit and veggies and paid a mere pittance.

Once home, I cut up 3 or 4 different kinds of plums (and some
pluots) for a plum good fruit salad, and made pico de gallo. I thought I might make sangria, too, but alas, I have no glass pitcher and no brandy. GuTTer MuNKi made bajingo chicken and those yummy rosemary new potatoes.

I was still feeling somewhat sewy, so I made The Prawn a tiered skirt.

It's not actually messed up in the front. That's just a wrinkle from how she was standing. If you look closely, you can see her black toenail on the back foot. Ow.

Yesterday she had a bit of a crash in the wagon thanks to an overzealous older sister who shall remain unnamed. *coughSlugcough* Check out the scrape between her eyes and the Band-Aid on her chin.

Poor child. But it doesn't seem to be hurting. I've been putting calendula on it, which always helps.

Some time after dark (10ish?) the fireworks started. Wow! Some of the neighbours put on quite a show. I don't know if they were celebrating Canada Day (we're like an hour from Canada) or just having some early 4th fun. One of the nearby towns was putting on a show, too, which we could see from the yard. Naturally,
GuTter MuNKi (after some prompting by me and the little munkis) felt obliged to put on a display as well. The neighbour's grandson came over, to watch, too.

Yeah, they had The Good Stuff. It was pitch black out, but you'd never know it from the picture. Yee haw!! :-)

Some of ours:

Holy fiery mint, Batman!!

We might not have lit up the sky, but we lit up the front of the house. Actually, GuTter MuNKi set off some mortars that weren't half bad, but I couldn't get the camera to focus on any of it.

OK, now I've angered 1) people who don't believe in interfering with nature (oh, hey, the raccoons are having dinner out there, too) 2) Frenchmen and anti French-stereotype people 3) anti cat-labour activists 4) anti cat-drug activists 5) people who don't like cat pictures 6) Joe Randazzo, and 7) those who are against the manufacture, distribution, and blowing-the-hell-up of fireworks, so that ought to about cover it for tonight. (Egan, will you ever read my blog again?? Ooops! Is that you??) Thanks for reading, and have a lovely final few bits of Canada Day.


rilah said...

wow. your canada day, not even living in canada, was more eventful than mine. i think i read in bed until about 11:30. but you can never accuse me of being unpatriotic.

polyergos said...

Canadians don't really care about Canada Day. It's all just a myth anyway. Just like Thanksgiving.

Anyway, please stop with the cat photos. I'm very upset right now. Could you please do a star wars themed post? I think that's the only thing that'll make me happy right now. Still haven't heard anything from Hasbro UK about the film. It's been almost a month!! :(

Sorry I've been away from my computer lately. I'm now back and will continue to read everything you write...!!

Pete aka poly

p.s. fireworks are still cool...!!

Candace said...

Rilah, I think that's a great way to celebrate. Especially when you feel your belly's about to zip open!! Come out little parasite!! ;-)

HI PETE!!!!! You're BACK!!! :-) There's been a big dropoff in general blogging. I think it's due in part to the accursed World Cup, but also to the much nicer weather. (We snowy-climate people have to get out while the getting's good!)

Haha - Ok no more cat photos. I talked Star Wars with a fellow Star Wars Geek today. We were checking out the SW guys at Walmart (and bought a new Luke (but for 2/3 of that price)) and a guy started chatting us up about general SW stuff. Apparently he has a friend with a giant warehouse of SW goodies. Boy would that be fun to check out. Hasbro is t3h suck if they don't pick your film. X-( Then again, maybe it's just taking a while to get through the entries. I wonder how many there were. Still crossing my fingers for you!

Candace said...

PS, do you folks have a favourite GuTTer MuNKi picture?? I think mine is the snake or the snowmen, though I love the bike crash, too.

polyergos said...

Awesome Candace. Thanks again for the support. I think I'm just running out of patience. Which isn't very Jedi-like, I know...

What's funny is I went up to my local toy shop today and bought the same Luke you got! But for 4/3 of the normal price! :) Oh well. At least it was the American backing and not our boring Canadian version. I'm reluctant to open it up as I paid a little more for it, when I could wait and get it for a few dollars less when they come out next week at our Walmarts/Zellers stores! We'll see...

A whole warehouse of SW, eh? That sounds cool. And scary. And here I thought I was spending a lot for this stuff...! That guy must be loaded! What ever happened to the days of $1.99 figures??!!

polyergos said...

also, the first pic, with the circuit porn, is my favorite. i've seen all the other pics before, except the snake one...

Candace said...

Well, it's hard not to run out of patience when you've put so much into it. And when they take way too long to let people know. :-P

OK that's VERY weird that you bought the same Luke. *twilight zone music* They repackage for Canada? What's the point in that? That must add quite a lot to production costs. I suppose it's so they sell twice as many to the collectors who want one of every version. . . I laughed when I saw the back -- "Former occupation: Bored Moisture Farmer." :-) Ours came with a little red Han hologram. I don't know why they do some of the holos in red.

Yeah the guy with the warehouse apparently sold on eBay until Lucas started demanding franchise fees from eBay stores. After III came out I guess he dropped that and the guy started up again. He supposedly has 3 (of 4 ever??) big Jabbas made to go with the 12 inch figures. I'm not sure if I believe that, LOL!

I miss the cheap figures. When I was a kid, a Walmart-type store was going out of biz and I cleaned UP! I got a TON of my stuff for 75% off. Ah, those were the days. . .

Gotta love Swedish circuit porn. :-)

Uh oh. WHat kind of blog hits is THAT going to generate? :-P

ablondeblogger said...

I love the cat pictures! :)

Trundling Grunt said...

I'm ok with the cat pictures and any post slagging off the French is a good post in my book.

Poor old Prawn - sadly brutalised by an elder sibling. I know the feeling.

Egan said...

Tadpoles, fireworks, and ripping on the French and Canadians... oh my! Is it me or is there a lot of violence in your family. Martial arts, daggers, sparklers, etc. Psst, my dad says hi.

Egan said...

By the way, I hate fireworks and I'm not a huge fan of cats. Oh, is it me or was this entire last paragraph directed at me?

Candace said...

Thanks Blonde!! :-)

TG - LOL! I'll bear that in mind and see if I can perform a Triple TG-pleasing Lindy in a future post.(let's see - rip on the French, post some kind of great cat picture and maybe a great rosemary recipe)

Egan - Dude I DO NOT rip on Canadians! Only the French. And really only when the sitiuation calls for it. ;-)

No it's not just you. Well, that's not entirely true. I don't think 3, 4, and 6 apply to you. :-)

Candace said...

BTW, how many potatoes are you packing in that photo?

Egan said...

Potatoes? I think 3,4, and 6 do apply to me. I will quarrel with you another day though. Maybe spar would be a better option.

Candace said...

Well, new potatoes. . .

I would have to strike hard and fast, or you would kick my ass. You have me 654 times over in the endurance department.

Nah, if you don't like cats, you can't be against cat labour and cat drug testing. Can you? Are you Joe Randazzo? Are you gonna light my country music award on fire?

OK, that last bit has nothing to do with anything. I just felt like quoting Super Troopers.

Why won't you rise to my bait? You also win in the Egan-baiting contest. I have to work on my game.

Egan said...

You talking? whatever!

Candace said...