Friday, July 28, 2006

Non fisso

Some of you may remember that I was attempting to review a particularly sucky book. Well, I'm not any more. I finally pulled the plug and TCM will not be running a review for the book. It's a shame, because, as I mentioned before, the genre really has possibilities. But you need to be able to write both engagingly and grammatically correctly ;-) to be successful.

I read something today that was so disturbing it actually made my stomach churn. I've chosen not to post it, because most Bloggers seem to be of a political bent that would cause them to need to remain oblivious to the twistedness of this guy's plan, and I really don't feel like trying to explain. Besides, I don't do serious; it's too intimate. I don't know whether this guy is for real, or just tries to be inflammatory for show. I suspect it's the latter, judging by the nature of both this piece and his other material, and he really doesn't need the extra exposure/encouragement. If you are deathly curious, you can email me. And no, it wasn't the
Dutch thing, though that is plenty disturbing in its own right. So why bring it up at all? Because it's my blog, and it's where I vent when I need to. Evil does exist in the world. And that's a very disconcerting thing with which to come face to face. I think what disturbes me the most is the callousness - no, worse, the eagerness - with which he describes his plan.

Too close to serious. Time to change gears.

GuTTer MuNKi and I have been watching P&P - the short film version. As much as we both enjoy the story, we keep saying things to each other like "_____ is so much better in the other one" (meaning the BBC mini) or, "they left out the whole ________ part." I think that with this film they did an admirable job with the time they had, but you know, some things just can't be adapted satisfactorily to such a short format. I'd like to see the serials come back into vogue. Watch 2 hours of Harry Potter one week, 2 hours the next, and 2 more hours the next. Think of the ticket sales, LOL!

We're dog-sitting again (different dog.) We got her Tuesday night and have her until next Tuesday. This one isn't a terrier, but a Lhasa Apso. She's basically like having another cat around, and walking her is nothing even remotely like flying a kite. In fact, one could do away with the leash altogether if desired. She's like an animated fluffy slipper that follows you around. She's reasonably certain that I'm her foster mom. She gets along great with the cats and sleeps on the bed - really couldn't be easier, except that we never seem to know when to take her out to go potty. Whenever we do, she doesn't. And she does when we don't. But so did the other dog, though we had some success with him. Too bad they aren't litter trained. Oh, we're also bunny-sitting again. He also gets along great with the cats, but mostly hangs around the air conditioning vent. The dog herds him around.

We're watching The Princess Bride, and they've just gotten to the Fire Swamp, so it's time to quit blogging.


Faltenin said...

Dog-sitting, bunny-sitting... are these new sex positions you need to describe? I'm curious.

Candace said...

They weren't in the book you wrote? Where did I find those. . .?

Logophile said...

mmmmmm the BBC one also has the benefit of firthalisciousness.
"Ma'am, you have a bunny in your vent."
Sounds suggestive or something, doesn't it?

Candace said...

Oh, yes. Definite Firthaliciousness, LOL! Mmmmm. There's a stealth link in this post to a piccy packed with Firthalicious goodness. (click the first _____)

LOL! That does sound a bit rude. :-)

Trundling Grunt said...

oh come on, where's the picture of the rabbit. Rabbits are very cool anaimals and I miss ours immensely. Apart from when I had to clean her cage in January.

Candace said...

Right! Rabbit pic to come. :-) I've taken a few but been too lazy to post them. He was eating cookies yesterday. Then he hopped up on the couch, shoved his nose in a sleeve of saltines that one of the kids left there, stole one and hopped down. Who knows how long he'd been stalking them, LOL!