Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bo Dans

"The white belt means to be new and unknowledgeable."

Hook kicks - Mollusc's (L) is just starting to hook around nice and high

Today Mollusc (11) and Sluggie (9) tested for Bo Dan or Temporary Black Belt. They ROCKED!

And here's Sluggie's (R), nice and high, too. :-)

I'm so proud of my girls! They kicked hard and high throughout the whole test. As red belts, they were up kicking quite a bit longer than the rest of the group, and without any breaks. They worked HARD. When it came time for the questions, they nailed every single one. They were the only kids to do so (brags Mama.)

At the end of the kicking, blocking sets, forms and questions, they had to break a board to complete the test and receive their belts. This time they had to use a spinning back kick and were given roughly 1/2" thick boards.

Mollusc, just before she hit with a nice, big "kihop" (yell). She broke the board cleanly on her first try.

Sluggie was pretty geeked up and took a couple of tries because her aim was off, but then she snapped hers cleanly, too. You can see the two pieces in each of GuTTer MuNKi's hands.

Sluggie, our Master (being a bit silly, LOL!), and Mollusc. The half-black, half-red belts on top are their new belts.

When we got home, a Monarch had come to congratulate them.

And all of Nature was shouting its praises in showers of flowers:

pink things

white things




Mum's the word

snow fairy

no, seriously, it's really called "snow fairy"

Congratulations my girlies! I'm so proud of you! :-)


tshsmom said...

Nice action shot of Sluggie, Candace!

Faltenin said...

Well done, girls! You're an inspiration to many!


sleepydog said...

Congrats to the girls, and OMG, what amazing pictures Candace !!
The flowers are lovely and your lil' karate girls are cute as a bug's ear.

Breakfast report is pending, I'm leaning towards actual "breakfast" food for a change, but I reserve the right to change my mind before go time.

Candace said...

Thanks, everyone! The girls thank you, too. :)

TSmom - I LOVE when I catch the break. But I wish I'd set my ISO a little faster. I forgot. Next time I dunno what I'm gonna do. Next for them is Black and we are on schedule to all test for black together (next Aug.) so I can't take pix. Maybe I can get my sis to come. :)

The pirate girls thank you, Fal. :) I hope the inspiration lasts. :)

Thank you, SleepyD. I love taking pics. I need to start taking my camera everywhere. I saw some stuff last night I'd have liked to have gotten on - well not film - pixels?

I have no breakfast report, either. I'm being lazy. Climbed back in bed with laptop after showering and blogged, chatted people up, etc. LOL! I think at this rate it might have to be a lunch report. OK, not quite that bad, but brunch. . .

Jay said...

Good for them!
I love to see families of strong women.

Winters said...

Well done, children of C!

As opposed to chidren of the corn, which is obviously a very different (english idiom incoming) kettle of fish.

A delightful butterfly photograph too. Life is tremendous. :)

Trundling Grunt said...

Those girls are scary. Or will be in future years if any boy tries to cross them. Bit like their mother really.

Flower pics are cool - are the pink things some form of aster?

Candace said...

Thanks, Jay. :) I think they are growing up to be strong women, too. I hope so, anyway.

Thank you, too, Winters. Haha! Children of the Corn. Bleck! Yes, an entirely different kettle of fish. Thank goodness. I was never good at horror films. I would hate to be living one. Though I think you can tell me from experience just how awful that is. Just remember (mixed bag of idioms coming) a Jenni saved is worth 2 in the bush, and don't cross the road if you can't get out of the kitchen. Additionally, people who live in glass houses sink ships.*

The butterfly was kind enough to pose quietly while I took oodles of pics, thus ensuring I'd get at least 1 good one.

TG - Funny, that part about the boys is exactly what another father at testing was saying while watching them, LOL!

Thanks - I think you're right. I think they are these. They're very prolific bloomers right now.

*Miexed up idioms (except Jenni one) brought to you by the fabulous Connor and Murphy McManus.

sleepydog said...

Candace, the breakfast report is up over at Winter's.

Good morning to ya.

Candace said...

I'll rush right over. Mine was lame. Apple cider. :-P It was good, though.

Egan said...

Your photography skills suck ass. I mean really, you should work on it. I am never ever impressed by the pictures you post on your blog. Never. I'm certain my neighbor's dog could do better.

(some sarcasm may be in use with the above statement)

Candace said...

LOL Egan! :) Feeling snargy today?

Thanks. :D

Egan said...

I debated about inserting the sarcasm bit. I figured you would get it Candace, but I was afraid your loyal commenters would sandbag me. Much love!

Candace said...

But imagine the traffic it might bring to your blog! Too bad I can't edit your comment. *giggle*

Egan said...

If you had a Typepad blog you would be able to edit all comments. Just a little something to think about.

Candace said...

Funny, in my Blogger window that came through as "Khhhhhhhh hhhhhhh!!! Join me, and together we will rule the universe! Kkkhhhhh hhhhhh!!"

Is that what you really said?