Friday, September 01, 2006

For Your Viewing Pleasure

. . . while you await the next brilliant post.

Greatest. Music. Video. Ever.

I must give full credit for my discovery of this to
David. What a great band!

Now all I need are 8 treadmills and 2 more willing accomplices.


ablondeblogger said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I heard about it just today because they did a performance on the VMA's last night (which I missed). So I was curious to see what all of the talk was about. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't work on my computer. Bah.

Show us a video of you beating people up please, C.

Candace said...

Blonde - What bizarre timing! What are the VMAs? Video Music Awards? I just love these guys.

Winters - Bah, indeed. Did you click twice? Make sure to click twice. I always have to.

I don't think any video exists of me beating people up. I'm not a violent person. Don't listen to MuNKi if he tries to tell you otherwise.

I would like some audio of you beating someone up. Like Barnes. Or any clown or mime. Clowns would make more noise, I think.

Anonymous said...

Consider it done, C.

BKS said...

Cruised on in from Os' blogroll and thoroughly enjoyed the video....mind if I link back to you on my blog? haha

I would SOOOO be in the ER if I tried walking across treadmills going in opposite directions....I am dangerous on one going one direction haha

Hope you have a good holiday weekend!!

Candace said...

Ooooh, Winters. You do know how to talk to a lady. Sigh. I look forward to it. With luck, I will even dream about it.

Hi Brad! Welcome to my corner of insanity. :-) Haha! I know what you mean about the direction switching. I'm blown away at how smoothly they can switch back and forth. That would be so fun to try. If it didn't kill me. . .

By all means, link away. I love linky love!

Have a great one! :-)

Egan said...

Old clip sister.

Candace said...

Hey, I never said it was new, ya big party pooper.

If you have a better one, serve it up! :-)

Egan said...

Nope, I don't resort to YouTube because .... nah, don't make me justify why.

Candace said...

Too trendy??

OK, just give me a title and I'll find it myself, LOL!

I smell chicken.

Fairydragonfly said...

That was so neat! Thanks for posting this!

Candace said...

Thanks for stopping by, Fairydragonfly! Glad you liked it. :-)