Sunday, September 24, 2006

Disinterring Day

Perhaps I have overused this word. Twice in one week does seem rather a lot. At any rate, I'm going through my closet today. We haven't moved in a little over 3 years (a new record for us) and things are piling up. Among other things so far, I have found:

A lot of rope (draw your own conclusions)
Dyed silks for my biz (that I thought I was out of)
3 of GuTTer MuNKi's combat boots (no, not 3 pairs, three boots)
Interesting iPod/MP3 player accessory's accessories (yes, accessories for an accessory - which I didn't even know existed)
3 1/2 pairs of my shoes (perhaps the missing one is mating with the combat boot)
Earrings I'd forgotten I had
Perfume I'd forgotten I had (I smell good now)
Various firearm accessories and accoutrements
A broken shelf (fat cat? climbing child?)
1 black cat (live)
1 paper bag full of resin animals purchased for last Christmas
1 receipt for a book I bought for Mollusc and don't remember ever giving her (will have to ask her about that one)
A bunch of clothes I no longer want or need
Erotic poetry magnets on a cookie sheet (thinking about painting inside of our high cabinet door with that magnetic paint now)
2 garments I didn't know I owned
Lingerie pics shoot I did for MuNKi long ago
MORE earrings, to include 1 Tabasco™ bottle, 1 Playboy™ bunny and 1 Bucky Badger (started to step on that one - could have been ugly!)
Piece of pipestone (for fertitility - it worked - anyone need it?)
Note about 2 books to look up from my student job in the Marking Room at the UW-Madison main library. I was always coming across neat books that I wanted to read later. (The Dark Beyond the Stars by Frank M. Robinson, and The Sky Lords by John Brosnan - anyone read either of them?)
On the same slip of paper, a bit copied down from W.H. Auden's Shield of Achilles.
Expired credit cards for an account I didn't know we had.
A letter to GuTTer MuNKi from the erstwhile governor of WI. Oh, I guess he's still Gov.
A piece of sandpaper (?!)
Socks that are too small even for The Prawn
Bionicle and Lego pieces (apparently there was a party and I wasn't invited)
An incredible tangle of children's necklaces (which I very, very, very patiently (and twice as uncharicteristically) sorted out)
My other shoe
Not the other combat boot
Lots of unmatched socks
A nickle bag (no, a bag of old Buffalo nickels)
Money from Hong Kong
Birth photos of the 2 older kids
Picture Negatives
2 of GuTTer MuNKi's missing belts

The closet is much bigger now.


Bostick said...

'1 black cat (live)' You didnt want to move it because it was all warm and in a nook i bet. And I also bet that that nook had MONTHS of hair build up from that cat chillaxing there. You made the sauce?! I hope you like it. It tastes so good when burned onto chicken

Bostick said...

You can use Heinz Catsup. Chili sauce is just catsup with pulp. Either one will work.

Candace said...

Thanks! I don't think I've ever seen that before I Googled it.

HA! You must have cats. Or else you're psychic.

Bostick said...

I bet they have it there.. And yes I have a fat black cat named mary with a white spot under her neck. We love her. All cats do the same type stuff. You need yahoo messenger.. jeblahblah is my ID

Winters said...

Well, that's quite an extensive list, C.

"Erotic poetry magnets."

Please quote...

Heh Heh... :)

Candace said...

Bos, someday I will have to sign up for that. I use Gchat but it seems more people have Messenger.

Winters, your wish is my command. The last message: "Warm me with your musky joy canal."

Interesting set. :)

sleepydog said...

If you happen to find my dwindling sanity in there, please forward it to me .

Thanks !

Candace said...

Ha, no luck there, SleepyD. If it was here, it got sucked into the Void with the rest of ours. :-P

tshsmom said...

We've lived in this house for 20 yrs. You can imagine what treasures I have squirreled away.

Candace said...

Oh HO! I cannot afford to stay in one house that long, LOL! I would accumulate way too much stuff.

sophie said...

dyed silk?
for what business?

is it raw silk?

i love fabric... (sigh)