Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Brain Dead

Today was what will henceforth be known as Crazy Tuesday. I think I have a lot of crazy Tuesdays in my future. It was a pretty unaccomplishing sort of day. Here's the basic breakdown.

8ish get up (yeah, I'm lazy that way)
Feed the crew, clean up
Start the crew on math
Bustle the crew off to TKD (Prawn takes (and I teach) Little Tigers class, then the older 3 have homeschool class)
Come home, make lunch, clean up
Try to get SOMETHING accomplished, help kids with piano, Spelling for Sluggie, launch kids on Rosetta
Get on the computer and be a vegetable for a bit before
Off to teach After school class
Home for about 40 mins before
Off to teach/ref kids' sparring class
Home for about 30 mins before
Off to do my own class and sparring (2 hours)
Home to eat dinner
Turn into a complete and useless vegetable

But Wednesdays are OFF. Wednesday could not come on a better day.

Today I was totally geeked because our new TOPS science goodies came. I ordered Pendulums and Math Lab. Obviously, I pay no attention to the grade levels. I think Fishy is going to have a BLAST with Math Lab. Woo hoo! I love new hsing goodies!

GuTTer MuNKi is geeked because all the Randy Wayne White (with a name like that, I dunno why he's not a country singer) books I ordered at the library came in. Sluggie is geeked because her "Visual Pirates of the Caribbean" book came in, and I was geeked because my books about the Tower of London and The Scottish Play came in. I don't remember what Mollusc got, but she was geeked, too. A very geeky day, all in all.

Can you believe THIS? Ooh. That reminds me. Sunday (a very sleep-deprived and foggy day) I tried a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. Ooccccchhhhhhchchchchch! Yum.

The kids and I are listening to The Ersatz Elevator now, which means we're FINALLY back to the Tim Curry recordings. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. So. Much. Better. We're laughing our bums off over Sunny trying to talk from the depths of the pinstriped suit. And you have to love those references to the 2 Quagmire Triplets. :-) And of course all kinds of things are coming IN and going OUT like mad at our house.

Speaking of which. . .

Uh, later! :-)


Toby said...

Wow, you have much more ambition than I ever had. All that you did yesterday would take me a week. ;)

Go rest young lady.

Anonymous said...

My word, C. A packed day indeed. Enjoy your Wednesday. :)

You did a lot of TKD yesterday. How many peoples butt did you kick? Did you land any real rip-snorter blow-yer-head-off punches?

Slade said...

that spazzstick is too funny!

sounds like your tuesdays are like my mondays and wednesdays! busy busy busy

Egan said...

I just might have to kiss you. Nice plug on the pumpkin spice beverage. Hey, I think you need some more links on this post. Just a thought.

Candace said...

Well Toby, the kicker (HA!) is that of course I didn't ACCOMPLISH much. Well, I guess that's not true. It's just that looking 'round the house is just -ACK! I DID manage to get a little guy to improve in sparring - stuff like that. So I got some warm fuzzies there, but whooeee, the house. :-P

Thanks, Winters. Well, we only get to kick people in sparring, and I only got to spar twice, so. . . :-P Oh, and we did 3-step, so I got to work with black belt who showed me something new. }:-) No real punches. TKD is almost all kicking. They don't really score punching. I did manage to axe-kick GuTTer MuNKi in the head. But that's mainly because I was his 3rd match in a row and I hadn't even gone yet, so was pretty fresh (poor MuNKi, though I did kick all the class before while he got stuck teaching a newbie.) MuNKi has a devastating spinning back kick that will launch me across the room, so I have to be very careful sparring him! Plus, we don't hold back so much when sparring each other. It's always FUN, frustrating, and a rush to spar MuNKi. :-)

Dontcha love that Spazzstick, Slade? It's such a great name, too. :-)

Oh, 2 days like that? Poor you. Argh. My THursdays are kinda like that, though I don't have the kids' sparring to teach that day, so there's a little less craziness.

Oooh, a kiss! :-) Maybe Mrs. Monkey can share some info about secret ingredients, though I suspect it's all pre-mixed syrups or something. Do they sell stuff so you can make it at home?

You're right. I could use a lot more links. My goal is to one day blog a post in which every word is a different link.


Egan said...

When that day comes Candace, please hang me by my huge bulbous bulldog balls.

Candace said...

Because it will have been all your fault. :) Muahahahahahaha! I'll be sure to point that out to the porr readers on that day.

Candace said...

PS Tower of London is the Secret Link in this one. ;-)

Egan said...

Okay, I will check out that link. That means I still have 12 more to view.

Candace said...

Most are only for the edification of those who may not be familiar with certain topics, or who really want to see the book/film/visual monstrosity. Onbly the GuTTer MuNKi and Tower of London links are particularly amusing. Now you owe me bigtime. Speedo picture!! ;-)

Egan said...

Speedo picture for tomorrow?

Candace said...

Oh yes!!

But I smell chicken. . .

Egan said...

bock bock bock... bbbb bock