Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Not My Real Post

Honestly, I think I do have a real post kicking around in my brain somewhere, but it got preempted, because a huge portion of the people who come to my blog come either because they want the lyrics to a certain bizarre German song, or because they want to see this picture:

And the sad thing is that I didn't even POST that picture before - just made a clicky link to it.

So, there it is, for all you Googlers who find Mr. Irons as disturbingly hot as I do. Give me some love in the comments section, eh?

I figured I might as well serve up a mancake buffet, as long as I was going to the trouble of posting the Man of the Month (as Mr. Irons seems to be this month - or maybe it's just that the more clicks I get, the higher Google places me up the chain *shrug*. ) So I'm plugging my 2 favourite films.

Name that film:

You noticed.

In nomine Patre, et Fili, et Spiritu Sancti

No offense, Murph. Connor just has more pics available online, I guess.

I promise that the next post will be more - well, I can't promise it will be more fulfilling actually. I never know what I'm going to do next.


Egan said...

Manbuffet is right. I'm drooling over here. I wish I had cool hair like these guys and an accent to compliment it. Some of us have to resort to blogs instead.

Candace said...

Hey, only half of those accents are real. You could pull a Ross. (Ooh, a pop culture reference! Candace is cool!) but you know - I didn't think about the fact that every one of those characters has an accent. Embarrassingly telling, isn't it?

And look at your avi - you already have the hair, dude!

Candace said...

And BTW, I see that you failed manfully at naming the films.

Candace said...

PS - Challenge: can you use a man-related word in every comment you make to this post?

Egan said...

Dude, I can so use a wicked man comment each and every time. I have hair like those guys? None of them have curls.

Sure you made a pop culture reference, but you did maintain a pre-1995 reference at that. I'm very impressed. What does this say about you Tall Chick? My hair chest needs to be lubed, I will be back.

Candace said...

If you look at said Mancakes, you will see that 1/2 of them have attempted to sort of spike their hair up in a pathetic imitation of your own, naturally gifted follicular entities. And you don't even have to try! How sad are they?
How long does it take to lube 4 chest hairs? And I'm disturbed by pondering the lack of symmetry when you braid four. Can you grow 2 more or pluck one?

Egan said...

It's more like 6 chest hairs, keep it straight... err, I mean curly.

Curls are very manly. Mine manifest themselves in strange ways. I use heaps of product to keep them in line. I've decided I need a trenchcoat.

Candace said...

Or a Navy peacoat. Yummmmm!

6? OK, I can deal with 6, since that's symmetrical. Whew!

MANifest. Nice one!!! :)

Way to manipulate the English language to suit your needs!

Egan said...

I'm so happy you caught that piece of ma(n)stery. Crap, another post for me to comment on. Is it Christmas? Man, I've got my work cut out for me.

Candace said...

Muahahaha! I managed to pull another one outta my. . .hat :)

Egan said...

You're mantastic Candace. So darn clever. I love your witty manter.

Candace said...

Yeah, but the wide picture mangles my sidebar. Gotta shrink that sucker. Too bad.