Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wetness Day

Yesterday was Crazy Tuesday again - 4 trips to TKD for a total of about 6 hours spent there.

I still love Wetness Days more than any other weekday. I actually got a few things accomplished - sewed on 3 more patches for my side biz, to the tune of $15. If you knew how easy this was, you'd agree it's almost a crime. But I charge about a third (or is it a fourth?) of what the local real biz charges, so I don't feel too bad.

The siren song of Walmart drew us in to buy some essentials (if you were there, I was the one pushing the cart full of 80 lbs of kids that had a Starboard list (cart, not kids) and had to be slid around the left-hand turns) and I finally bought a Pirates of the Carribean DVD set for the little MuNKis. They now know all the places where they have to FF. Fortunately, they are more than willing to do so. Now that I've seen it a few times (and sans the magic dog and blanket combo) I really do appreciate it more. A lot more.

Here is what you will never find at Walmart:

Ginger tea
Walmart Brand batteries (really cheap, but I can NEVER find them, GuTTer MuNKi has to.)

There is a Starbucks drive-through conveniently located right by Wallyworld. Guess what I got. Yep - Pumpkin Spice Latte. You know, I think I've been to Starbucks as many times in the last month or 2 as I had all together before then. :-P Cursed Pumpkin Spice Latte. I really appreciate their $1 kid's cocoas. Yes, I could make a whole potful for less than $1, but the kids sure do enjoy this treat, and so do I. :)

Every time I want to take pics of the gorgeous poison ivy (yes, I used those words in conjunction) climbing up the trees, it starts to rain. Today was no exception. Poo.

I've finally stopped procrastinating reading the rest of the Covenant books and am on the final old one. Then for the new one, and by then new one #2 might be out. This one seems less annoying. I kinda remember that from before. They used to be some of my favourite books. Not so much now. :-P My fave sci-fi books are the first 3 Dune books. Oh, and I love Ender's Game and the Ender's Shadow books. Not so much the others (Speaker for the Dead, etc.)

I'll also be embarking on The Mermaid Chair.

Whatcha reading right now?


tshsmom said...

$5/patch IS stealing! Sewing-yet another thing that yuppies wouldn't get caught dead doing.

Where is the 2nd Gabaldon book on your 'to read' list?

Candace said...

Whoa!! Good point!!! I have to put that on hold at the library. If I haven't already. . .

Can you believe that the local biz charges $60 (now I remember how much!) to hem a pair of pants and sew on 2 patches?!?!? It's $30 for the hemming and $15 per patch. So I charge $10 to hem and $5 per patch. Still feels like stealing. ;)

Egan said...

I'm so happy you're alive. I wondered where you went the past day or so. Welcome back my friend.

Bostick said...

Get this.. I was at a friends house with a six toed kitten he was pushing on me to adopt. I shit you not it looked EXACTLY like that. I am scared now, and NO we are not taking that cat! three is enough..

Jess said...

oo! A movie based on Ender's Game is being filmed right now. I hope they do the book justice. It is such a wonderful book.

Right now I'm reading "Your Spirited Child" for helpful hints and "The Tipping Point" for fun.

Egan said...

I love that you love the pumpkin spice latte. It warms my heart to read this and know your lovely children love the kids hot chocolate. In the early 90's that all I had when I went there. Now, I can never decide. Today I had a white chocolate mocha and a pumpkin muffin. Yum.

Candace said...

Stinking Blogger keeps eating my replies. :-/

Efo, thank you. It warms my heart every morning that I don't wake up dead. :-)

Bos - No way. Just no way. How bizarre. We got ours from a friend, too. It's a sign that you should take her. :) 4 is really just like 3 }:-)

Jess, last I read Card wasn't happy with the 1st 2 script attempts as was going to write it himself, but I wonder how well it will translate to film. I guess we'll find out! I sure love the books! I'll have to look up The Tipping Point.

Egan - I <3 Starbucks! My kids were pushing for a return trip today. You should join the Intl Breakfast Club. That sounds yummy!

sleepydog said...

I am presently re-reading my favorite book of all time "Bridge Of Birds" By Barry Hughart. (A tale of an ancient China that never was, but should have been !)

Candace said...

Oh cool! I like those "what if" books. I was reading the Chunggwo (or however they spelled it ) series for a long time. I don't think he ever came out with the last book though. It was set in the future and China was pretty much the world power in everything - science, Govt. etc. Fascinating.