Wednesday, September 13, 2006

HNT and Hodgepodge

unplanned Yin Yang in vinegar and oil

". . . dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum. . ." The same note being struck repeatedly on the piano finally intruded on my awareness.




"It was a test. Nineteen times before you had had enough. I bet it would take a lot less for Daddy."


She knows us all too well.

Our Wednesday was decadent. We started off with a "Tea Party" brunch. Well, actually, we started off by sleeping in. (Ahhhhhhhh!) Then the Tea Party brunch. Fresh raspberry sauce over vanilla pudding cake, coffee (Boston Tea Party?) and assorted goodies (to include stale hazelnut things that now had the consistency of cardboard, which we promptly chucked.) Utter decadence. (other than the whole cardboard thing of course) Look closely, and you might spot the postcards that Peter and Fal sent us from Athens and Egypt, respectively, on the whiteboard.

The Rule of Four: not just an annoying yet useful mathematical manipulation, but a fact of photography of well. If you have four kids, it's only going to be very rarely that you catch them all looking their best simultaneously on camera. You might get 3 looking pretty decent but only half of the fourth, or 2 good and 2 bad, or 3 great and one looking, quite frankly, demon-possessed, but going 4 for 4 is a rarity, as proven in today's pics.

We had planned to head off to Brighton (everything here has English, heinously massacred French, or Native American names) for Lego Star Wars II (wheeee!) and the new Artemis Fowl book (double wheeeeee!) but GuTTer MuNKi wanted to come with us, so we totally debauched instead while waiting for his arrival at the homestead. Yesssssss! This was made even more rewarding by the fact that he had our teacher discount card for Borders, which we used for Artie.

I did a little damage control to help the house recover from Crazy Tuesday, sewed on patches for my side biz at TKD ($5 per patch, so I'll make $15 - not bad for a few minutes' work - about $60 per hour, adjusted) and wrote my review of Peter and Beth for TCM.

Brighton was pretty much underwater due to
heavy rain. (Ctrl-F 'clouds') On the way home, GuTTer MuNKi had been detained by being stuck behind this wreck:

He missed being IN it by about 15-20 seconds. I am thankful. Surprisingly, it seems there were no serious injuries.

Nope, it's not another "
side biz," it's Enya's thyroid medication. Yes, it's against nature. No, I don't give a crap that this is so. Although cutting the tiny little pills in half is kind of annoying and reminded me of Layer Cake for some reason.

HNT time. I can't believe I'm prepared. Keep your eyes peeled for falling skies and aeronautic pigs!

I kinda figure if I post extras it makes up for the ones I missed. Plus, I couldn't choose. Rule of 1: if it's me who's attempting to pose, even one is tough to get just the way I want it, so a collection might be neccessary.

Oh yeah, what do you think of braids like this? (bearing in mind that I am not 4 years old, but closer to 4 decades old. Oy! That's an intimidating thought.) Acceptable for outta the house or no? Be honest or I will cite you for my fashion faux pas when ticketed.

And an outtake of sorts:


Egan said...

Is it fair enough to say you're crazy? I think that's the thought that came to mind when I saw the second HNT shot. You slay me Candace.

Um, your kids are too adorable. Did you not get my postcard yet?

Candace said...

I think crazy is pretty much a given, yes. I didn't think about it at the time, but it almost goes with the upside-down masturbation thing. Almost.

Thanks! I think they got MuNKi's adorability.

Nope. Je n'ai pas re├žu votre carte postale. I hope it's you in your Speedo™. ^_^

Egan said...

Peut-etre tu as de la chance. I forgot to mention how cool the oil yin yang thing is. Great pour Candace.

They look quite a bit like you too. I've never seen the real Gutter, but I will take your word on it. I'm sure he's a swell guy.

Masturbation is funny topic.

Jaichan said...

I like the braids. My hair is a few inches past my shoulders, but it's too thick and wavy to look normal in braids like that. I'm jealous.
Tea parties are fun! Except when you work in a 5-star hotel kitchen and the food and beverage team forgets to tell you there are 2 people coming for high tea in 5 minutes...
Not so much fun.

Egan said...

I brought myself one of those cool braiders off of late night tv.

Candace said...

Egan, I'll be sure to let yo uknow if one arrives. (And won't you be surprised!)
Yeah, they are kinda clones of me, actually, but cute.

Masturbation is very funny. Ha. Speakinawhich, check your email. (are you afraid now?)

Thanks Jai. Not too silly for out and about? OMG - High Tea Debacle. I'm lucky that my guests don't care what I serve them. They're even forgiving when it turns out to be chocolate-dipped cardboard.

Egs, I assume you bought that to braid your chest hairs. That would look great with your Zardeegan outfit. Youll just have to arrange your bandoliers so they don't cover that sweet braid.

Anonymous said...

This is the best post I've read all day.

Streets ahead of anything else.
Beautiful kids, heartfelt text, and top quality braids.

And three pics of the beautiful C wearing very few clothes.
My word. Life is good.

Candace said...

Aw, Winters, you warm the cockles. :-)

Egan said...

Winters, you're killing me man. You steal my thunder. Remember it's my job to butter Candace up. Just kidding.

Candace said...

You're not really gonna lube me up? Well, with Winters's lovely accent, I guess I don't need any. . .

Candace said...

Hey, wait. You speak French, Egs.

"Speak it! Speak it!!"

'Course, so does Winters.


But you can make monkey noises.

'Course, I was attacked by monkeys once. . .

Egan said...

Winters always one ups me. Zut alors, je dois parler francais maintenant. Oui, I can make some great monkey noises and do nothing other than blog all day long. How cool am I?

Candace said...

Damn! Tall guy speaking French alert!

Good thing I'm already recumbent.

I think I can hang with monkey noises as long as you don't knock me down and show me your teeth.

Egan said...

I have nearly perfect teeth. They are slightly yellow and kind of sort of straight. Mais oui, bonne nuit mon amie!

Candace said...

Sleep well, Fangor. :-)

Candace said...


Maybe I got a little carried away up there. -_-

Egan said...

Yes you did, but it's all good. You're a unique person and that's what makes you fun.

Candace said...

And a perfect candidate for the mental institution!

Egan said...

Your words Candace, not mine.

Jess said...

keep the braids! cute!