Monday, September 18, 2006

Guess That Song

If you can guess it, I'll send you a yellow paperclip. (Yellow paperclips are IN)

this is an audio post - click to play
I'll admit that I'm having way too much fun with AudioBlogger.


ldbug said...

Wow, I can't guess, but it is reminiscent

ldbug said...

ah, sorry, forgot to write the rest of the comment, is reminiscent (had to look that one up) of my piano lessons as a kid. Sounds good though!!!

Candace said...

Yes - lots of repetitive l hand, simple right hand. Fun and easy :)

Egan said...

I have no idea what this is. Sorry Candace, but I suck at this game.

sleepydog said...

I suck too.
I guess I don't get a paper clip :(

Breakfast report is up at Winters.

Hope you're having a good day,

Candace said...

Aw, no paperclips for anyone yet.

Hint: think famous Irish person.

~d said...

OMIGOD! Is that your voice at the tail end?! You have such a mellow voice!
OMIGOD! I remember you from earlier this summer. I guess I never like-added your link, so I kind of forgot to come back. I am sorry. I remember you calling me buoyant once. Haha. Still cracks me up.
Famous Irish dudes? I will have to pass on the paperclip as well.
I am glad sleepydog linked you or I may never have made it back over here.
I remember you telling me abt your profile pix and the (not karate...tae kwon do?) I was (AM!) so impressed with you.
Hurrah to sleepydog for helping me 'find' you again.

~d said...

does this cheat sheet help or hurt our guessing?

~d said...

did you see this yet?!

Candace said...

LOL, yep, that's me. :) I hung up by accident, then realised I hadn't hit #2 or whatever, so I turned the ph back on and it was still connected. I was too lazy to redo it - figured no one would go to the end. Har!

LOL! SleepyD - the inventor of the Bfast Club and linker extraordinaire! I'm thinking of starting a group blog called The Breakfast Club. Whaddya think? What? You're not buoyant? You're like Mrs. Adrenaline, LOL! Yes, TKD - you have a great memory. Wow. Esp considering all the Blogs out there.

The cheat sheet definitely helps.

HAR!! No, I hadn't seen that. OMG! Sleepy beat me to it. Good man!

Candace said...

OMG, I sound like I'm from Fargo. "Forgat" I've lived here too long.

~d said...

God, get the EFF! you made such an impression on me it was like late May early june, you had just changed your profile pix to THIS one.
I have to rock and toll. But I will will will be back!
I need (hint-hint)
a talented someone to organize my blogroll into those I dearly love and those I know? Like daily reads, and weekly reads...that type of thing. Guess I should word it nicer than that though, huh?

Candace said...

LOL! :) I'm flattered. I usually think of myself as someone that sorta blends into the wallpaper.

Aye, I can help you with that Matey. Arrrr!