Saturday, September 16, 2006

Can't Sleep

Mollusc and Sluggie test for Bo Dan (temporary black belt, or black belt candidate) today. Why is it that *I* am the sleepless one? :-P

Sitemeter is fascinating. It's truly amazing what you can tell about the lurkers who come to your blog just by how they got there. You can even make some very educated guesses as to who they are. I feel like a private detective.


Anonymous said...

C, all I can say about private detectives is this;

"If you feel like one, have one."

Thanks for the clicky thing. Enjoy the weekend. :)

sleepydog said...

It's hard for me to lurk because wherever i go, bright lights shine and angelic choirs sing ...wait, did I say "bright lights shine and angelic choirs sing" ? What I meant was red and blue lights flash and police sirens wail...

Good morning Candace. Breakfast report is still pending.

Candace said...

Oooh, Winters, I like your style. *grin* Thanks, you too. :)

SleepyD, I just ate a brunch of poached egg, toast and delicious (homemade)chocolate pudding. Brunch of Champions! Will it be the taqueria for you?

sleepydog said...

Candace, it was the taqueria indeed for me, I caved into the temptation of tacos and tostadas for breakfast....I am a sad pathetic taco addict.

Hope the Bo Dan tests go well today !

Candace said...

Oh, YUM! I envy you your breakfast! You have impeccable taste in breakfast comestibles. :)

The testing is OVER. It was really short this time. They ROCKED!

Appropriately proud mama post to follow when I get my pics uploaded, cropped, all that.

Jaichan said...

I'm glad your wee ones did well! Hurrah!
Site meter is fun. It let me know that someone who shattered my heart pops in every once in a while, even though I haven't talked to him since well before the start of my blog. Hmm.

Candace said...

Oh wow. O_O

~d said...

I came down here to comment well, b/c you have no email addy up.
The instructor WOW has a look on his face, huh?! Jeez!
Sitemeter. Very addicting the first few weeks. Hell the first 7 weeks. I am cool now, though. Can't tell you the last time I pulled it up.
I wasn't 'using' it for a good reason.

Haha. email me whenever you can. I would LOVE some help with my blogroll. It has gotten (sp) out of control. If there were someway to flippin DIVIDE it, but I cant think of a nice way. Here, thanks to archives, enjoy this:
Candace said...

Wow - you are so buoyant!!! :-) I can't believe how much you fit into your trip!

You're right - I see you all over the place. Isn't it weird how we bloggers tend to form little circles?

May 30, 2006 10:27 PM

~d said...

~d said...

*abt the miscarriages, I too know far too many women IRL that have had one. I never have. I have been knocked up twice-I have 2 kids. My heart goes out to them as well.
As for your movie list, I can't believe this but the Thomas Crown Affair is the only one I saw. However I did see both versions-! (curious to know more abt 7th day Adventist...)

11:17 AM

At 4:32 PM, Candace said...

Holy cow, ~d!! Just that one?? OK, I want to see *your* movie list!! :-) Oh - so much to say on that other subject, LOL!

enjoy sitemeter.
glad to have found you again.
Real glad.