Thursday, September 06, 2007

The 5 Stages of Writer's Block

1. Denial

2. Blogging cessation (because you realise you're doing it instead of writing.)

3. Avoidance/Procrastination

4. Hyperactive blogging and picture posting (some scales may class this as a subset of #3, while others call it bargaining ("if I can look at just one more blog, I'll get back to the story.") )

5. Inspiration and breakthrough! (And then, inevitably, back to 1. Repeat.)

Guess what stage I'm in now.

It's hard (TWSS) for me to say the words "tunnel of fudge cake" without giggling.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a delinquent tooth fairy's ass to kick. Again. If you're wondering whether I can, indeed, kick my own ass, the answer is yes. But I also made a BEAUTIFUL attack on the mirror wall at TKD tonight during blindfolded squeaker sparring. MuNKi tells me that the mirror never saw it coming.

Batwoman I am not.


Diesel said...

"tunnel of fudge cake" is a funny phrase. When we used to take trips to San Francisco, there'd be all these coupons for fudge on the back of our parking receipt. My bro-in-law and I would always say, "Free fudge packing with any fudge purchase!" Sorry, it just made me laugh.

How cute is sleeping Prawn?

Oh, and the Spice Worm Kitten just about made me cough up a kidney.

Candace said...

Diesel - I just can't keep a straight face when I say it. Or even think it! Ha! I love the free fudge packing! I used to tease my sis when her boyfriend was an ex-fudge-packer. ^_^

Did you ever go to the Ghiardelli place in SF? It smelled very yummy as I recall. I think we got ice cream there.

Sluggie made me take that pic of Prawn. :) She really liked the watermelon hat/airplane jammies/hello kitty blankie combo, and the clasping of the husky Webkinz as well. I have to say that I agree with her. ^_^

I snort every time I look at that kitty-worm picture.

Michael C said...

Do you know how many times I will say 'tunnel of fudge cake' at work today just because I can and it makes me giggle like a 12 year old school girl?

Answer: Way too many!!

cindra said...

That cake sounds really gay. Not that I am a homophobe in the least. And when chocolate fudge stuff is involved, I'm a downright whore!

Selfishly, I must say that I personally am quite enjoying the postings presented during your writer's block



Watch out. Those mirrors DO fight back.

Delton said...

Even if it is a tunnel of fudge cake, it looks amazing! I feel so wrong saying I want to eat some.

Also, never feel bad about posting pics of your kids. It truly is one of my favorite things about coming here. As if you couldn't tell how much I love pics from how many I inundated you all with on my blog over the past few weeks!

Jay said...

Okay, now the tunnel of fudge cake is vicariously improving my day also.

Gawpo said...

I hope I never stop giggling at things when they strike me funny. I hope I never say "tunnel of fudge cake" and not at least smile. Of course, I will be thinking of you and your incredible humor, Candace. You make me so, so smile.

Candace said...

Michael - I managed to work it into at least one conversation myself. ^_^

Cindra - Chocolate whore! ^_^ Yeah, that's me, too. You know, that mirror did seem to give as good as it got. There was something almost Newtonian about it. ^_^

Delton - The thought of delving into a tunnel of fudge is vaguely unsettling. ^_^

Glad you don't mind all the kid pics. I always love seeing other peoples' kids, but I'm never sure if other people are the same way or not. :)

Jay - Heh! Share the love, Jay!

Gawpo - I'm headed over to your blog for another dose of your delectable puns. They're always in good taste. (or not! ^_^) I make you smile? Sweet! I, too, hope I never become a sour or bitter person and lose the ability to laugh at everything.