Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Life in Pictures




"You lookin' at me?"

MuNKi bread

fancy schmancy

great horned owl

barred owl

screech owl

a tableau I encountered this morning -- it's not what it seems

sashing or Tibetan prayer flags?

quilt top


Michael C said...

Very nice! Though I think those owls were trying to stare me down! What hoot!!! Sorry, it was just so easy ;-)

cindra said...

Look at you go! That is SO cool! So is the effin' husband, and the damned bread, and the cool flowers, and the interesting children, and the mantis...now that is super cool. LOVE the pics! Your life is rich and inspiring. I know my hubby will never bake bread like that, however. and I'll likely never ever ever make a quilt.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I saw the shorts late. At first I didn't think that guy was wearing pants.

Imagine my relief!

armalicious said...

1. LOVE the quilt! Very, very pretty!

2. Did that Barbie lose it's fins?

3. those owls are wicked awesome!

4. Seriously...I must bake with MuNKi so he can teach me his bread making secrets.

5. Praying Mantis is hella cool.

Candace said...

Michael - Oh VERY nice!! I suppose I shouldn't egg you on, though. ;-)

Cindra - But I will never paint for sheiks or have my own biz or take road trips with mygirlfriends. :-)
And, uh, you already made a quilt, right?
Do you get mantids in your area? Or walking sticks? Weird bugs are cool. :)

Mr. Fab - Quite a scare, eh? Although the joke in our house is that coffee tastes better without pants. I wonder if it would apply to bread? I'll have to try it.

Arm - Thanks! It's a bit narrow, proportionally. I'm trying to decide whether I want to dink with more strips/squares or just add some fabric down each side. Bluh.

Yes. But the scissors weren't the culprit. It looked funny to see that scene lying there though. ^_^

The owls were extremely cool. And we got to talk to the presenter for quite a while afterward. I'm so glad we went.

MuNKi has a Bread Bible. I'll get the name for you. Maybe you should come visit, though. :)

I'm pretty sure those are Chinese Mantids. Mollusc found them in our bug book. They're kinda creepy when they lock on and start tracking you. But very cool.

egan said...

I'm happy to see the hubby bakes partially naked. It's very clever how you hid his package in that one shot. You never fail to impress me.

GuTTer MuNKi said...

She had to hide the package, because it's braided too. It kind of freaks people out.

armalicious said...

Crap! Egan & MuNKi's comments made me choke on my water!!

Yes, I would like the name of this bread bible you speak of. Is this a new religion? Bread religion? I could totally become religious if I was worshipping bread. Shit, I practically already worship bread. All the time. Bread is the bomb. But yeah...I think I should come visit, too. Good call.

Candace said...

Egan - Do you love the phallic braided bread or what? Nothing wuite like buttering it up and popping it in -- oops! Wrong blog!

MuNKi - I think you might follow that with "I am NOT a MONSTER!!!"

Arm - They are naughy monkey/muNKis. ^_^

Here is the bread bible of which I spake.

armalicious said...

Holy hell...I must. Have. that. book. STAT.

radioactive girl said...

The quilt looks amazing! How awesome that you made that!

I am going to add that bread book to my wishlist! It looks pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

At first, I was going to comment on the Barbie tableau. Very post-modern. Now, I'm stuck on munki's package being braided...my oh my.

I think I might be afraid of making coffee pantsless...with hot liquids I feel like I'd need some protection.

Michael C said...

Very nice!!!! You make me owl with laughter! I have a bread maker. Can I play along with everyone? I'm good at sharing and I promise to only make one DOH/dough joke...

egan said...

And I thought I was cool because I could knot my package. Maybe I should consider learning how to braid as well.

Gutter MuNKi, you rock!

Candace said...

Arm - it's a great book, from what MuNKi tells me. Too technical for me. :-P

Tori - thanks! :)
Yep, MuNKi LOVEs that book.

Kitkat - I think she was having a pretty bad day.

I think the added enjoyment only applies to drinking the coffee pantselss. I don't think you have to make it pantsless. ^_^

Michael - Ohhhhh! Were you just winging it on that one? Yes! Come and play and bring your breadmaker. The more DOH/dough jokes the better. ^_^

Egan - yeah, braiding is the tantra of knotting. Or something. ^_^