Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Erstwhile Canadian

Apparently in order for a new band to appeal to me, it must hail from Canada. Besides, who could say no to a band called "Enter the Haggis"? Not me. Don't look now, but I think that guy's playing an electric bagpipe.

And a longer one with a cool guitar/drum amalgam at the end.


armalicious said...

I'm oddly intrigued...I don't know how I feel about my attraction to this video/band.

Candace said...

LOL! I can't sit still when I listen to this. How do you like the combo of kilts and punk hair? ^_^

armalicious said...

Like I said, I'm oddly intrigued. It takes a either a strong or slightly crazy man to actually be able to pull off wearing a kilt. I think the punk hair makes it even cooler, though. I do like the spiderweb kilt. That was pretty kickass!

Candace said...

**snort** Or maybe a strong AND slightly crazy man. My favourite kind. ^_^

Yeah, I like the spiderweb one, too.

Candace said...

PS now we know what Chandler went on to do after Friends. ;-)

radioactive girl said...

What if the drummer was wearing a kilt too?

armalicious said...

Is Egan in the band? I'm just now watching the 2nd video and the guy playing the bass (and wearing the sweet red plaid kilt) looks like Egan!! It might be the curly hair.

I like that second one even better...very traditional sounding, yet rock at the same time. I heart you for sharing these!!

And the drummer's name is Seamus?!??? I love it!

radioactive girl said...

I TOTALLY almost asked if Egan was in the band. Too funny!

egan said...

Finally, I've been discovered. It's about freaking time!

Jayne said...

Candace your blog is waaay better than Martha and MTV !
Strange men in kilts...gotta love a man who's not afraid to flash a bit of leg!
Do you have a manager or agent yet Egan?
I think Candace has a spare 5 mins to boost your music career LOL.

Airam said...

Canadians rock.

cindra said...

thas' what i'm talking 'bout, sistah! great find. thanks for sharing! i'm gonna share them with the hubby.

Michael C said...

That does it, I'm buying a quilt with Earnhardt Jr.'s number on it!!

Candace said...

Tori - I'm pretty sure he is! }:->

Arm - Yeah, I think that IS Egan. Who knew he was so talented? Well, in music, I mean.

Yeah, Seamus Campbell - does it get any more Scottish? ^_^

Tori - OMG, that's funny! GMTA, obviously. :)

Egan - It was the kilt that did it, obviously.

Jayne - Why thank you! My house is nothing like Martha's, though. There's a definite trade-off. ^_^

I do love a kilted man! I wonder if Egan's ready for the bigtime, or if he'd rather stay safely anonymous.

Airam - They most DEFINITELY rock!!

Cindra - Glad you like them. :)

Micahel - How many 8s will you get?

egan said...

I think Jayne loves me.

Michael C said...

Well, I reckon I should go with 2 now, don't ya think??

Candace said...

Egan - She's impressed by your mad bass (not base - though you may have those as well) skills.

Michael - yep. And maybe then it will go to three. Or maybe revert to 1 and then you'll have to cut one out of the quilt.

I hate when the numbers change, though I wasn't sad to see Viagra go. It must have been hard to sport that sponser name. ^_^

Michael C said...

Yeah, Marky drove last year for my employer. I got to have breakfast with him before the California race last year. Well, him and 300 other special guests. Ok, he didn't know I was there. But I got to ask him a question. Yeah, he had is PR guy answer it!

What everyone has forgotten is that the shape of the 8's for Jr. have changed. That stuff is kinda important ya know...although I love Mtn Dew and went out and bought a Mtn Dew retro T-shirt a few weeks ago in anticipation.
Ok, I'm done now ;-)