Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Ratings Game

Mollusc is a collector and connoisseur of MPAA ratings. Some of these ratings categories include:

"Shark Attacks and Langauge" (shark language?? Save us!)

"Epic Warfare"

"Swashbuckling Violence"

"Adventure Violence"

"Intense Science Fiction Terror"

It's funny how many there really are. So we have fun making up our own. You know, stuff like

"Silent Violence"

"Mime Slaughter" (Mollusc: "You made that one up right?" Me: "Yeah." Mollusc: "Awwww!")

"Premenstrual Violence"

"Musical Violence"

"Inappropriate Touching and Music"

"Musical Horror" (^_^)

"Mathematical Terror"

"Action/Adventure Birth"

"Excessive Norging"

What kind of ratings exist in your world?


cindra said...

You have the coolest family EVER!

I especially like the "Inappropriate Touching and Music"

Sounds like fun!

katherine. said...

hello....I noticed your comment on Michael's blog. My daughter and her boyfriend are in the process of moving to San Ramon this week...I'm in Santa Cruz

somewhere joe said...

"Inappropriately Touching Music"

Michael C said...

Uh, ouch? ;-)

I also like 'random bits of idiocy without serious interludes' for my blog.

Candace said...

Cindra - LOL! Thank you. ^_^

Katherine - Small world! We were right on the border between Dublin and San Ramon (in Dublin) just across from Camp Parks. :) I lived in Santa Cruz for a year or 2 as a wee little one, and we visited once or twice when we lived in Dublin. The sand in Santa Criuz is SO MUCH nicer than the sand in Half Moon Bay. :)

Joe - ^_^ Now that is excellent, LOL!

Michael - I say it with love, of course. MuNKi plays that stuff a lot and sometimes (oh the horror) I even find myself humming along. ^_^

Great blog tagline! :D

Michael C said...

Yeah, MuNKI is the reason I listened to the Carpenters driving to work today. Don't worry, I played it low and kept the windows up ;-)

Candace said...

ROFL! ^_^ Yeah, people might beat you up for playing stuff lke that. Watch yourself there, eh?

Jay said...

I agree with Cindra - cool parents make the coolest kids. Thank goodness I know there are people like you out there!

Michael C said...

"Uh boss, I can't come in today. I got beat up on the way to work cuz I was blastin' my Carpenters too loud as I drove by the highschool...again"


Candace said...

That might get you fired. Not the absenteeism, mind you. ^_^

Gawpo said...

Foly HUCK!!! I just read Joe's.


Candace said...

Tell me about it. ^_^ Snort city!

So what's yours? Waiting. . . -_-

Gawpo said...

Rated Gee Whiz: "Flaccid Plot"

Candace said...

ROFLOL! Lovley! ^_^

Gawpo said...



Gawpo said...

Hey! These people aren't playing! They are just making nice comments about how wonderful you are. Hmpf!

Back to the drawering board....

Gawpo said...

Rated G along with ticket refund for: Redeeming Value

Candace said...

Gawpo - Dingdingdingding!!

Gawpo - It's true. More suggestions would be appreciated.

Gawpo - it's a Gawpofest! Huzzah! Oh! Niiiiiiice!!