Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Crazy Tuesday

True to form, Crazy Tuesday has been just that, and it's only 1/3 over. It started with 2 hours of TKD. When we got home, I took off my uniform, but left my sports bra and tankity top on because I'm going back for 4 hours this afternoon/evening, so why bother changing? We did lunch, and I'd started helping the kids with all the school stuff they hadn't gotten through when the doorbell rang. (I should point out that I did have pants on, thank goodness.) It was a guy with a teensy weensy dog that he'd found in the middle of the busy road bordering our sub. I was pretty sure it was the neighbour J's dog so I steered him over there. About 5 mins later I realised I'd seen J leaving as we came home from class, but as the guy hadn't reappeared, I figured maybe she was home again. A little later a different neighbour rang the doorbell. HE now had the dog and wanted to check if it was, indeed, J's dog. I told him I thought it was, so he said he'd hang onto her. Who knows what either of these guys thought of my strange attire. At least I had a bra on under my tank top. ^_^

A few minutes after this, the phone rang. It was some Academy of Dance and it was an 810 area code, which is Brighton, a nearby town. Completely contrary to the way I always handle phone calls from unknowns, I answered it just in time to hear a woman say "How Rude," and hang up. WTF? Even more contrary to the way I deal with strange phone calls, I checked caller ID and called them back. I figured I'd tell the woman that her message had gone off-target and she might want to try again. My call went to a machine which was cut off before I could leave a message. I called back. Whoever it was picked up and hung up. (Repeat several times.)

At this point, Prawn -- inspired, no doubt by the presence of the phone -- decided she'd like to hear the story from the library again (a recording you can call and listen to) so I called it for her and let her listen. Partway through she told me that the story "went beep-boop." I figured it was some glitch. When she was done, I checked caller ID to get the dance academy # again and there was another call on there from a "Private Number." Ah, that explained the "beep-boop." No doubt the Dance Person on her cell phone. And she thought I wasn't answering since Prawn was listening to the story, LOL!

I decided to call the dance academy again to clear things up before some weirdo started crank calling us at all hours of the morning, and reached a different-sounding woman who said she'd just gotten to work and had no idea what was going on. She apologised profusely. I told her I didn't care, and that I was just calling to clear it up so we didn't start getting a bunch of weird calls. I kind of wonder if someone crank called the academy and they checked caller ID and misdialed and got me. I'm curious now, but I guess I'll never know, since I don't know anyone who goes there.

I then got a call from a guy in Milwaukee who wants to talk to MuNKi about a job. Please no. (I didn't actually say that, though.) I'm pretty happy with our record-setting 4 years in one house, and I'd like to continue setting new records here.

So any takers on whether it's the door or the phone next? Or maybe something completely different.

Yeah, pictures are better than this, I know.


Violet da Gambit said...

I'm sorry, but--MILWAUKEE!!!!! YESS!!!! YES YES YES YES YESSSSSITY YESS YESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candace said...


I don't really like Milwaukee. :-(

And I don't want to move AGAIN! And we couldn't sell our house anyway in this market.

You should move to MI.

radioactive girl said...

You should really move to Illinois. The house across the street from us is for sale, as well as the house a few doors down. I promise they aren't moving because of us.

GuTTer MuNKi said...

Radioactive girl-

I am considering your suggestion re: relocation. How often exactly do you hang outside dressed like your avatar photo? One must weigh all of the factors when weighing a move.

Candace said...

Tori - Ha! GM is on board! ^_^

MuNKi - Maybe you'll become a triathlete yet, for the scenery if nothing else.

egan said...

I love how MuNKi chimed in on Tori's comment. He seldom disappoints.

Candace said...

That's what SHE said. ^_^

radioactive girl said...

You guys are way too funny!

I think that is why my husband started doing triathlons...he went to my first one to watch me (and all the other women), and then decided he should try it too.