Thursday, September 06, 2007

Join the ASPCM

Just one of many reasons why, no matter how creepy they are (especially, in fact, because they are creepy) you should always be kind to mannequins.

I really wanted to put up "In my Room," but I couldn't find it.


Michael C said...

In My Room by my favorite band, The Beach Boys? Do you want the original version, the live version or the German version?

cindra said...

Oh, great! Now I won't sleep tonight. That IS creepy.

Romantic song, but that vid scared me.

It's really not O.K.

Candace said...

Michael - MuNKi, I'm sure, would take you up on all 3 versions. ^_^ I, however, was looking for the one that starts at 4:09 in this one.

Similar at all? ^_^

Cindra - I am so, so sorry. I'm thinking of sending the link to my friend BG because she loathes mannequins. Heh heh heh! ^_^ But she would probably drown me when we go swimming tomorrow and then claim that it was an accident. So I'm waiting. . . ^_^

Cindra said...

No worries...I mean, I am the gal who carries around a head!

Candace said...

Oh, good point! I'd forgotten about - what's her name again? We had a disembodied head, too, but we sold it to an unsuspecting child at our garage sale.

Gawpo said...

I sing the Beach Boys song, I sing it "In My Womb."

This one was at once creepy and hotly erotic. I'm no dummy, so I am guessing this was HARD to make. On the SKIN, it seemed simple.

Candace said...

A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

Do you think they're made of WOOD? ^_^