Friday, September 28, 2007

Stuff Reviews

28 Days : witty, poignant, fun

Fur : bizarre, interesting, "graphic nudity" (ha!)

Walking the Labyrinth : Ehhh. Interesting to some extent, but I kept waiting for more - for the Big Revelation. It never came. Writing was OK, but nothing stellar.

Honey Bea : Very interesting, quick read, got washed by BG when I lent it to her. ^_^

Robot Dreams : surreal, confusing, sad. My children concur.

I'm re-reading The Golden Compass now, in spite of all those great books I have waiting on my shelves. Mostly because choosing was just too overwhelming. :-P


peppylady said...

I'm over from anther blog and Fridays I do what I call friendly fridays.

Stop by for a spot of tea and piece of chocolate

armalicious said... first I read the "witty, poignant, fun" as your review of 28 days. I was like, "huh??? scary movies of people dying of some weird diseases are witty and fun?"

Then I clicked on the title and saw it was the Sandra Bullock movie and the movie I was thinking of was 28 Days Later.

And, I think I've made this mistake before with someone else talking about the Sandra Bullock movie.

Jayne said...

I'm in the middle of reading 4 books with 3 massive bookcases arriving tomorrow(I dub thee the National Library) and you tease me with MORE books to consume???
Do you have no mercy Candace?

Winters said...

C, I missed my visits here terribly over the summer.

Based on your review, I shall seek out Fur forthwith...


Michael C said...

Uh, I am not familiar with any of these? Does that mean I am uncultured? I mean I just bought a Green Eggs and Ham t-shirt, so certainly I have some degree of sophistication, right?

Candace said...

Peppylady - Hello and welcome! Glad you could drop in. :)

Arm - LOL! I do that with similarly title movies as well. ^_^ And sometimes football players. MuNKi had to work pretty bloody hard to convince me that Tony Orlando did NOT play for the Cowboys in the late 70s (#33.)

Jayne - No mercy at all! Don't worry, I don't really recommend Walking the Labyrinth, so that's only two more, LOL! I'm jealous of your new bookcases. :)

Winters - O. M. G. Winters! :D

Are you back in action? You have been sorely missed! I should have realised before that you are a seasonal occurrence. ;-)

Fur is pretty furry, but also quite skin-ny. Sadly, "graphic nudity" mostly means "nudists mowing the lawn or just walking around, sitting, and talking while for some inexplicable reason wearing socks and shoes." ^_^

Michael - Green Eggs and Ham is some serious culture, Dude! I can hear the chamber music now. ^_^ You're cultured all right. Like a fine yoghurt, or a bacterial smear on a Petri dish.

Hmmm. That doesn't really sound that appealing. OK, like a delicious cheese. ^_^

What's the cheese index today? I mean out there, not on my blog. ;-)

Michael C said...

It's mild. Not warm enough to melt the cheese but not cool enough to keep the grease from separating from it if the slice is left out too long.

All in all, that means a nice Fall day...

Candace said...

Oooh, separation is -- blech!! Here, Fall means solid, structurally sound cheese. :-)

egan said...

I read Beatrix Potter this weekend. Sure it was a board book, but you should be glad it wasn't Dr. Seuss.