Saturday, September 08, 2007

Very Gently

The latest discovery in my studies of The Interconnectedness of All Things:

How very odd. I almost expected to find that the radio version of Lord Asriel was voiced by Sean Connery or Roger Moore.

Now I just have to figure out how Terence Stamp might relate to James Bond. . .


For those of you with no idea what I'm talking about, that first guy is Timothy Dalton, dressed for his role as Lord Asriel in the stage version of Philip Pullman's "The Golden Compass.". The second is Daniel Craig, dressed for his role as Lord Asriel in the forthcoming feature film. Oh, and Terence Stamp is the voice of Lord Asriel in the radio version.

For those of you who don't care, fear not. I'll be moving on soon.


tshsmom said...

Timothy Dalton...YUM!

Michael C said...

How alike are we when I see Timothy Dalton and was already composing my comment for you about his former Bondness before I had read a word of the post? I then see Daniel Craig and my Bond comment was cemented.

Bond is oh, one of my favorite things in the world!!! Now I shall go watch a Roger Moore Bond flick, just because I can ;-)

Claire said...

I cannot wait until The Golden Compass comes out. I have been a fan of that series for years. So go ahead and keep talking about -I care :)

Candace said...

Tshsmom - Yes, and I think he has improved with age. ^_^

Michael - GMTA, eh? Are you punning with that cement and bond stuff? you have cemented the bond between us (but don't worry, I'll pry him out if it gets uncomfortable ^_^)I think Roger Moore used to be my favourite Bond, but then DC came along.

Claire - I think I'm going to re-read those as soon as I'm done with this Outlandis-- um Outlander book. :)

Michael C said...

Roger Moore was always my favorite...but then that's the Bond I grew up with. There is an undeniable cool factor about Connery though and if Casino Royale is any indication, DC is going to be a kick ass 007!!!