Friday, September 14, 2007

Those Three Little Words

"Free Books Sunday"

OMG. BG and I went swimming with the kids this morning, then back to her place for lunch (which her husband had made for us) and from there to the Brighton Library.

Lately, BG and I have been "library hopping." Last week we went to Northville's. Wow. Northville is the kind of swanky town with pavers in their main streets. And gazebos. (not in the main streets) Their library is not only hu-normous, it's also jam-packed with goodies. They have a giant foreign language DVD section, but oddly, those are only good for 3 days. All the other films are good for a week. I think with all those subtitles, it would only make sense to let us have the films for more than 7 days, not less.

Today we went to the Brighton library. They have a rather large, reasonably new library with shockingly few books inside and somewhat less friendly librarians than the other libraries we've hit. The good part was that just as I was wondering when they were going to have their annual book sale again, I discovered that it was actually in progress. Today was "everything is $1 or $0.50" day, tomorrow is "fill a bag for $3 day," and Sunday (oh glorious, wonderous Sunday) is "everything left is free" day.

We're gonna need another Billy!


Michael C said...

Oh yeah, first!

Candace said...

Congratulations! You win a free copy of something I find on Sunday! ;-)

Michael C said...

OK, real comment time. I went to Borders today. My one hour lunch turned into 2. I'll buy almost any book. More librarians, huh? Were they naughty?

Michael C said...

Woo Hoo!!!!

Michael C said...

Forgot to mention that I've been listening to Pandora non-stop...and I am now.

Candace said...

Ohhhh Borderrrrrs! (Said in Homer Simpson-style) Did you buy something today?

Hmmm, it could be fun to mail you a mystery book. . . }:->

Ah, Pandora has you in her clutches! She is so lovely. :)

Michael C said...

Of course I bought something. A mystery book????? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM ;-)

Yes Pandora is a lovely siren

cindra said...

Sounds great! Books are my drug of choice...tell me what you get!

The bitch is, you gotta buy bookshelves for all the books...but it's worth it!

Have a good week-end, sugar booger!

Candace said...

Michael - yeah, it's pretty much impossible to come away from Borders empty-handed.

Cindra - I shall. It could be a long list though. :) Yeah, tell me about the booksheleves. :-P We're definitely gonna need another Billy. Or two. ^_^ We have something like 12 bookcases, and a bunch of them are already double-stacked as it is. :-P

armalicious said...

Library sales are my favorites. Ours is coming up next month. I can't wait!

Candace said...

Amanda - the local ones all seem to have theirs on different dates, which is great cuz then you get to go to LOTS! ^_^ I hope you find great stuff at yours!!