Saturday, September 15, 2007


OMG! Someone who knows me way too well sent me this Extremely Cool Cake Blueprint

I want to make one!

If you could make a cake that looked like anything -- anything at all -- what would it be?


Ashira Gryffin said...

Anything at all? A growing stick, of course!

armalicious said...

I'd make it look like a cake.

Wait...that doesn't make sense. But it did in my head! I swear!

Here is a picture to make you swoon. I had an overnight visitor last night...I'm even more in love than I was when she was first born 6 months ago (holy hell, 6 months!)

Candace said...

Ash - Ooh, like a buche de noel! Yum!

". . .I mean, I don't have a log. At least not in the sense that you think I said I did."

Arm - OMG she is yummylicious! What an adorable little baby! I want to give her a (gentle) squeeze! :)

Michael C said...

Lobster shaped...just for the freakyness of it.

Candace said...

It would have to have BUTTERcream icing. ^_^

Jaichan said...

I would make a cake that looked like Sissy Spacek in 'Carrie'... post pig blood.

Candace said...

OMG, LOL! I bet you could do it, too. ^_^