Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Ooh, I got these uploaded the other day and then forgot.

A Prawn

large eggs

or not -- they're quail eggs from BG, my Amish-wannabe friend ^_^

one dozen of them

with soy sauce, water and ginger

= one dozen soy sauce quail eggs in a tiny bowl

A Prawn and a lizard

A Slug using my laptop

"Doez theze melonz makes me look fat?"

But now my computer has now decided to digitally chew on my pictures. So you get this:



And this:






Dis showerâ?¦ it has a flavr


zOMG!1!! Sumwun Stopz mee!


egan said...

Sting, Dune, and cats. Good thing I got to see Prawn and Sluggie or else I'd think you were punishing me.

Logophile said...

tee hee, your pussy posts are always the best.
Cute little prawns and slugs, I never realized how appealing those were before I met you all.

Michael C said...

Great pics!!! Somewhere, somehow, my twins learned about Jazz Hands. They now use them all the time!

Candace said...

Egan - you hate Dune? It must be the lack swimming opportunites, eh? Oh that's right. Your Dune experience is limited to that crap-ass David Lynch film, isn't it?

Logo - Nothing ike a post loaded with pussy pics! ^_^ Funny how lovely invertebrates can be, isn't it? :)

Michael - OMG, LOL! Don't you wonder where they pick up this stuff? ^_^

Anonymous said...

Oh NOEZ!!11!. What? Weird. I did like the cat who's wondering where the bear's eye went.

Cute kids as always. How did the eggs turn out?

Candace said...

Thanks. :)

I laugh a lot at the missing eye one, too. ^_^

The eggs were YUMMY!! They're so little, LOL!

Fishy says "and they're also really good when you chop them up and put them in your rice!" :)

Claire said...

Is this from Cats in Your Things Doing Stuff? That is sooo funny!

egan said...

Not a lover of Dune, but I do love me a post that takes 7 minutes to load.

Candace said...

Claire - they're from "I Can Has Cheezburger?" Some of them are clicky and will take you there. :)

Efo - Dude! You have dial-up? That sucks. I'll stop posting pics.

radioactive girl said...

Your kids are just adorable!

When we used to have the magnetic words on our refrigerator at our old house, I used to find random (dirty) phrases that both my husband and I swore we never wrote. All I can say about that is thank goodness my kids were too young to read! This is why I'll probably never have those magnetic word things again. My kids are almost old enough to create their own inappropriate phrases.

So, did I help you stall at all here with my boring random comment?