Saturday, September 08, 2007

Random Update

Change of plans, Jeeves. For various reasons, we did not participate in the 5K run today, but we plan to try the one in October.

Last night was Gumdo (Kendo) night for the kids in Red Belt class. You could hear the lightsaber sound effects as they fought. No, seriously, some of the kids watching were making light saber sounds. ^_^ They had a blast as usual. Mollusc is showing marked prowess (not to be confused with David Prowse ;) ) at this sport, which is nice because Sluggie is the one who excels at sparring and most physical stuff.

For us, it was nunchuck night. So after we threw all the nuns out of the establishment, we got to play with these pairs of sticks connected by a length of chain. Somehow I always end up next to the same kid - the one I accidentally threw my nunchucks on last time while he was busy doing pushups for dropping his own. (Thank goodness they're padded!) We managed to make it through class without either one of us clobbering the other, but I won't say it wasn't close. We both did plenty of pushups. If you're going to try this at home, never say stuff like "Oh! I got it!" because that signals the nunchucks that it's time to leave your grasp. Violently.

I've saved the best for last today. (though you know I may be posting again with my current state of blogorrhea) MuNKi sent me this great link for a guy who has to be the biggest Packer Fan EVER. Certainly the best. Check it out -- the dude has packed up his things and taken his wife and small children to Green Bay, WI for "a season of unadulterated 'fandom.'" Oh. Did I mention that he's from Sydney, Australia? ^_^ Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem, Carpe Season Ticketsum. I am green (and gold) with envy. :)

PS my sidebar will return when the "I Can Has Cheezburger?" pics get bumped off the page.


Michael C said...

Nunchucks, Darth Vader, karate and light saber sounds? You are so much cooler than I am!!

Candace said...

Or much more of a geek, at any rate. . . ^_^