Sunday, September 09, 2007


~Prawn on the way home yesterday upon seeing a squished critter in the road: "It could be a dead monkey. . ." I think this was said in a self-comforting way as she is a fan of most critters, but not so much of monkeys, between the story of Mama (that's me) being attacked by monkeys, and the whole undead monkey thing in POTC. Before you gasp in horror, understand that we FF through all the creepy parts. This has the added benefit of making it a MUCH shorter film. ^_^

~CDs I got from the library: Echo and the Bunnymen, Nickelback, some Celtic stuff, Nelly Furtado, a Sting one I actually don't own (the 9/11 one), Inigo Montoya Mandy Patinkin (mostly because I had no clue he sang), Depeche Mode, a couple of Lenny Kravitzes, and a sound effects disc for the kids to play with.

DVDs I got from the library: Joyeux Noël; The Avengers (there's a movie of this??); Porco Rosso; Marie Antoinette; Brotherhood of the Wolf (Le Pacte Des Loups); Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. . .and Spring; Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress; Arsenic and Old Lace; Danger UXB (used to watch this with my mom and was totally in love with Anthony Andrews); Firefly (saw the movie, but never the show); Alex & Emma; Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and some Chinese and French kid stuff. Yeah, there is no way I'll ever get to all of them, but now I can choose stuff as the mood strikes me. ^_^ And I can renew most of them a few times. Hey, who can resist when they're free?

~Quotes we tend to use a lot from children's books:

"Odd said Mabel. Very odd."

"Marmalade does not want the wooly worm."

"See the snow. See the snow come down."


armalicious said...


My name is Inigo killed my father...prepare to die...

Candace said...

Yo, Armalicious!! :)

What you do not know, is that *I* am not left-handed!

armalicious said...

This could be dangerous...I heart quoting this movie. Probably more than any other movie and I like quoting a lot of movies...

Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?


Michael C said...

Awwww, I miss Armalicuous!!!! Assuming I am correct in guessing who Armalicious is.

I watched Will Farrell's Blades of Glory last night. To my surprise, it featured Jenna Fischer from The Office. I giggled like a 12 years old school girl from the start of the movie until the end.

cindra said...

Candace, when I was 4 a spider monkey pulled the strings of my cute little furry hood and soon my face was smashed against the cage that the critters lived in. Then they proceeded to grab my long blonde braids and chew and pull them.

PLANET OF THE APES was MY era. IT terrified me!

Everyone thought i was retarded for being afraid of monkeys.

It took me till I was 20, in Arizona to go see a lonely male gorilla there whom I watched week after week to let go of all of that...I wanted to hug him.

Now...primates, monkeys...they're all cool to me..
but i feel you.

radioactive girl said...

Oh Nickelback...I know we talked about this before s I'll leave it at that.

I love Nelly Furtado and Lenny Kravitz too. Good choices.

Didn't you ever watch Chicago Hope? Mandy Patinkin sang on there all the time, and I think he left the show so he could spend more time singing.

Candace said...

Armalicious - I agree! That is a very quoteworthy movie. ^_^

Michael - Oooh! I shall have to check that one out. :)

Cindra - I feel your pain. I was 4, too, when a bunch of wild monkeys knocked me down. I had been lagging behind the group and they singled me out as an easy target. My mom heard me and came running back to see a monkey sitting on my chest with the others grouped around me. They went after my mom and my dad had to do his gorilla impressio nto scare them off. In spite of that, monkeys were my favourite animal for a very long time. But not real ones, I don't think. ^_^ Monkeys are too uncouth -- too much like humans with absolutely no social graces -- for me. ^_^

Radioactive Girl - I'm having fun with these CDs, though I have to admit I'm totally wearing out Nickelback. And I have to be careful with tsome of the Kravitz when the kids are around. Well, some of the nickelback, too, for that matter. I haven't listened to Nelly yet. Yesterday I wrote almost all day (THANK YOU GuTTer MuNKi!!!) and had Nickelback in my ears the entire time. Ahhhhh. :)

egan said...

I've been demoted I see. Yikes.

Candace said...

If you wanna run with the Big Dogs (OK, I have only one Big Dog left) you gotta pee on the Big Trees.

Autumn Zephyr said...

Ooh. I need to go to the library. I haven't been in months because of school. I need to check out some free stuff, since I'm po'.

Candace said...

Autumn - The library is my friend! Free is ALWAYS good. :) And the best part is, you can get tons of stuff and if you never get around to listening to/reading/watching it it doesn't matter, because it was FREE! Yay!!