Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fab Art

So today we hit the Lawrence Street Gallery for the quilt exhibition and oooh la la, am I inspired! In addition to the exhibited quilts, we saw a bunch of little bitty art quilts. Man oh man am I ever gonna make some!

We saw a lot of amazing stuff, but what really blew me away were the pieces by Deborah Hyde. I saw the 1st, 2nd and last ones shown there, as well as at least one other (not shown.) Her mosaic squares are really small, and I just cannot imagine how much time these quilts must take. If I had $2,500 lying around, Gold Beach would SO be mine.

Being in the gallery, paired with listening to BG's mom talk about what happens when you turn 40, prompted me to become temporarily disoriented and take literature from the gallery on becoming a member with thoughts of displaying and selling my photos. I came to my senses shortly after we left the building. I think they use some kind of special air freshener in there which, in combination with the ultra-shiny things and gorgeous art pieces makes you susceptible to delusional fantasies.

In other news, the owl show was very cool. The screech owl (think Pigwidgeon) was adorable, and the curator's description of her cry as sounding "like someone beating a horse in the woods" completely cracked me up. Pictures tomorrow, hopefully.

Our garage sale was successful. We got rid of a lot of stuff and left the rest out with FREE written all over the friveway in chalk. Not much left at all, now. Hooray!

And finally, MuNKi found this (NSFW) oddity. Don't ask. Just click "enter" and then click the play arrow at the top of the new page.


coming clean said...

It's great that you found inspiration. I think this is something that people don't take enough time to do. To wander around and look at new things to inpsire themselves to do more and exand their universe.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I followed the link. I think the word "creepy" comes to mind. And probably "overpriced," since, you know, most people can get it for free :) I do like the bottle's symbol--no subtlety here, that's for sure.

Delton said...

Well, I made it through the first half of your post, planning to comment on Gold Beaches (which was really pretty, by the way) or something, but come on! I had to scroll back to even remember the name of that thing after following that last link!!! They've convinced me. No wait, I kind of already knew how I felt about that... :)

Anyway, I'm at home viewing this, so no big deal, but you may want to add a NSFW to that link. I would have been scrambling if I'd been looking at the office tomorrow instead.

Candace said...

Hello Coming Clean! You are so right. It's far too easy to stay in our comfortable little ruts and not put out feelers or do anything that would help us to branch out and grow. This quilt show was NOTHING like I expected. Absolutely nothing at all. I'm so glad I didn't back out. :)

Kitkat - At first I forgot about that last link and I was so confused, LOL! I didn't think to look at the price, but you're right, anything would be too high since most of us can get that for free. I saw a funny bit on a Brit talk show about it but I can't remember how to find it. :-P

Delton - the gallery is in Ferndale and really small. The quilts are (IMO) more like fabric "paintings" that just happen to be quilted if that makes any sense. I mean, the quilting is part of the beauty, but these are nothing like what comes to mind when you think "quilt." They are all about the art. So cool. I was really wishing I'd brought my monkeys - especially my older two.

OMG, good point about the NSFW thing. I'll add that. I never think about that since I don't have a work from which to surf. :-P Thank you. :-)

armalicious said...

that website has me cracking up...mainly because of the name of it. Because the word "vulva" is one that is used often at our lunch table - much to the dismay of the other people in the cafeteria.

Those paintings are pretty awesome, though...and I totally understand what you mean about places like that making one feel like they could do the same. But, of course, you could!

And, finally, I just noticed where Efo's link was. The dog house...classic Tall Chick.

cindra said...


Great post...those quilts are off the hook. AMAZING. Lucky you that you got to see those. Re-email my your addy and I'll send you the two cool quilt books I have that I never ever will get to...maybe you can use them and that would make me happy!

As for the scent...that was just unbelievably weird...and you know...why would you pay for that? Ew. Certainly that suave fellow wouldn't need to. If it can be bottled and sold...i guess it just WILL.

Slade said...

awww you got to see a real live pigweidgon! How cool is that!

radioactive girl said...

I think I need to buy one of those t-shirts and now I am wondering how someone stumbles upon that. What searches were going on to get there? My husband just peeked over my shoulder and asked what I was looking at. Maybe this will get him interested in blogging. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

I want to know where armalicious eats her lunch if the world "vulva" is used a lot. Sounds like a fun place to be.

Speaking of "vulva," I always have to think really hard when I want to say "Volvo" (as in the car) because I'm afraid "vulva" will slip out instead.

armalicious said...

Kitkat, oh...Lunch is just in an insurance company cafeteria...we also talk about boobs and shaving and a bunch of other highly inappropriate topics. At least, the old mid-western ladies that sit around us seem to think so with their clucking and tsking and general nastiness on their faces.

I have the same problem with the volvo/vulva stuff. Volvo is really kind of a tongue twister...and dammit...I'm so not going there on your blog, Candace. I swear.

Michael C said...

I just got back from that other link and, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

See, now the entrepreneur in me is busy thinking of what other scents I can market.... ;-)

I was going to make a comment about how much I saw old quilts go for at an antique auction last night, but that just doesn't seem hip to talk about now.

GuTTer MuNKi said...

Happy HLAP day!!


I'm spent.

Candace said...

Armanda - Vulva at lunch? That's hilarious! Do you have a lot of tacos and clam chowder at lunch there? ^_^

I cannot believe how labour intensive those things must be. She starts with 1" squares of fabric, and they end up about 1/2" square. It is just amazing. First off, because the pictures themselves are gorgeous, but secondly because she has figured how to use different shades and patterns of fabric to "paint" them in.

Egan is in trouble. Not for the multiple comments, mind you. He made the dire mistake of trying to order me around. Plus, his taste in movies is questionable at best. ^_^

Cindra - seriously? Cool! I'll email you!

The scent - it's funny because MuNKi sometimes expresses the wish to be able to bottle that. Looks like someone beat him to it.^_^

Slade - OMG she was soooooo cute. I obviously did NOT get the piccys up today. I'll try tomorrow. :)

Tori - Well MuNKi found it on a place called tmz. He says it's necessary in order to stay up on his MuNKi reputation. Ha! That would be a hoot if that got your husband blogging! ^_^

Kitkat - I know! It sounds like a fun lunch group! :) Ditto here to the vulva/volvo thing. :-P

Arm - I wanna eat lunch with you all!
As for the tongue twisters - you can totally go there on this blog. ^_^

Michael - Is that a Homeresque sort of uhhhhhhhhhhh?

Other scents like Sweaty Balls and Moistened Underbreast?

Yeah, it's hard (TWSS) to follow vulvas with quilts. ^_^

MuNKi - I think FLAP Day is more like it. No, realli. Arrrr! Booty!

Michael C said...

Sweaty balls I could see coming (holy heck, that didn't come out right..shoot, neither did that), but moistened underbreast? That, Candace, is pure unadulterated genius!!!!!

Michael C said...

How did I type 'I could see sweaty balls coming' and not follow it with a TWSS? DOH!!!!

egan said...

Hey, glad to hear the garage sale was a success. This means there's not much left in your house right?

You really should meet my mother-in-law. She's a mad quilter. My mom, she's a mad knitter.

egan said...

Here's your multiple comment.

GuTTer MuNKi said...


Cool. Candace <3 Multiples.

Candace said...

Michael - Bwahahaa! Areyou spent now? ^_^

Egan - thanks! Well, still more than I'd like, but the words "resale shop" leap to mind. :)

Wow, between your mom and MIL, Anna is set if she desires to learn the handy arts. Lucky girl!

Egan - That was fast! Only 2 though?

GM - I guess he thinks 2 counts as multiple. :-P

egan said...

Yes, only two... you got a problem with that? But did you know, I can knot it?

Candace said...

Well it just seems kind of . . . unfulfilling. ^_^
I understand that knots can be painful.

Michael C said...

Yes, very, very spent!

Candace said...

Like a zinc penny. . .


Michael C said...

Ha!!!!! Or like $20 bucks in my hand at Best Buy or Borders.

Candace said...

OMG YES!!! Hey, I plan to mail your books on Friday. :D

egan said...

Unknotting my manhood.