Saturday, November 26, 2005


We mucked out the garage today so we can get Cyd (van) in for the winter. Much better! When we came back in, I saw the Killer Rabbit hopping surruptitiosly past with someting in his mouth. I asked him what he had and he BOLTED. Mollusc chased him down and found he had some sort of fudge cookie (no doubt detritus from The Prawn.) He ate it before she could stop him. He then went on to snack on the minidisc cord (BAD BAD BUNNY! REALLY BAD!) and THEN he found a Junior Mint. Ugh. Chocolate and electrical cords cannot be a healthy diet for a bunny. I'll breathe a sigh of relief if he makes it 'til we drop him off at his family's house tomorrow. ;o)

He's actually a cute little guy and reasonably snuggly. I can't get over how the cats have accepted him. Uh oh - he's eating something else. Arrrrgh!

Last night Trillian climbed the Christmas tree after it was all up and decorated. She then proceeded to slither and fall spectacularly down out of it, bringing part of a light string and quite a few ornaments with her. Evil kitten. I think Jet was climbing it, too. We have the EWS (Early Warning System - big jingle bells) installed, but mostly it just alerts us to an impending spectacle rather than saving the tree from anything.

We went swimming today as a reward for the hard work in the garage. The snake slide was open, which is always great fun. You can see on the wall where it leaves the building and comes back in. The Prawn almost doesn't need my help anymore. She can swim, come up for air, go back under, tread water. Wow!

Tip of the Day: You can fit 5 people into the pool shower if you absolutely have to. It helps if 4 of them are quite small.

Movie Review of the day: Beowulf (1999) Hmmm. Not the best made movie: poor dialogue and a very confusing time setting. I guess it's the future but they've lost a lot of technology, so they have stuff like central gas and zippers, but primitive weapons. BUT, I think the guy playing Beowulf did a good job with what he was handed and the story was compelling enough to make us keep watching. We were forced to heckle a lot, though. King Hrothgar was good, too. Grendel's mom was pretty stilted and unbelievable. Sadly, we could only laugh when it appeared that the unnamed woman at the beginning of the film was about to be cloven in 2 by a gigantic straight razor.

Your Horoscope for the day: What ever it was you were thinking of, DON'T do it. Trust me. And that thing you were avoiding - take care of it by tomorrow or the results will be startlingly amusing for those who dislike you. (Not that anyone actually dislikes you. . .)

Alternate horoscope: Beware of people under 5'4" wearing green. One of them wants to harm you. Also, you will discover small scale nuclear reaction in your coffee cup. You will lose half an eyebrow and your best friend over the ensuing publicity. No, there is nothing you can do about this.

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