Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Killer Rabbit

Lippety, lippety, the Killer Rabbit hops innocently around the house. So far we're all in one piece, but I know he's only biding his time. He'll probably attack while we sleep.

Emmett (orange kitty) was trying desperately to get the rabbit to play. I had to tell him to let go of the rabbit's head. He then resorted to laying uside down and flapping the rabbit's ears with a paw.

I shaved John's head and shaved off his moustache last night. Nice!!!!!!! Why I didn't tie him down and do this before is beyond me. He was all for it as long as I was willing to make it worth his while. Well, did I, Vanya? Seemed like it. *saucy grin*

DIA tomorrow!! Woo hoo!!! But this eve we have 1) kids' sparring 2) (maybe) big kid class 3) our class. Oy! It's the last chance for any of us to have class all week, though. Mollusc and Sluggie had a private lesson this morning cuz none of the other hsers came to homeschool class. He does it mostly in Korean now, and they understand it all. Cool!

I am finally writing for the first time today. Yikes. Off to hack on the book. . .

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