Tuesday, July 17, 2007

7 Things

• I have a bruise on my right bicep and forearm from "string slap*." (I'm left-eyed. And yes, I was holding it wrong. My funky-shaped elbows don't help.)

• I made a little boy cry in class this morning, but I think he still loves me. (Don't worry, I only gave him pushups because he wasn't listening/obeying.)

• Teaching big kid class was a success. (I'm doing all the morning classes this week.)

• We had our first harvest of Perilla leaves, and a yummy lunch of rice and leaves with sauce. Fishy was so excited!

• Class was a big workout, but fun!

• Sparring made me sweat my whole entire shirt up. I love sparring.

• 3 more days!!!

*And archery term that means exactly what it sounds like it would.


ARM said...

Left-eyed!! String-slap sucks.

So, TDK is a good work out, huh? Last night, out of nowhere, Mr. ARM suggested that we try doing activities together for our workout. He knows I hate running. So he suggested TDK or something similar. I've always been intrigued and I love hearing your stories about it, but I'm nervous. Is it hard for a "heavy" person to start that stuff? Should I maybe do some other stuff before I agree to commit to something like that?

Candace said...

Yeah, isn't that funny? :) I'm right-handed, but my left eye is dominant, so I have to shoot left-handed/eyed.

TKD is a fabulous workout! I've lost about 30 lbs. All that accumulated "baby weight." Whew!

The best part for me is that it's FUN. I mean, REALLY fun. It's a great social hour, the people who are attracted to the sport are usually very decent people because one of the reasons they're there is that they value discipline and integrity.

The first 2 weeks are hard, I won't lie. But you also feel really good about yourself and you have a good time. It helps to soak in a hot bath after each class at first. Better to do it with a friend, so you and Mr. ARM are all set. ^_^ Once you make it past the first 2 weeks, it gets a lot easier. :)

We have several people who have started quite heavy and they're really changing shape. I don't think it's necessary to do something else first. Better to jump in with both feet IMO. :)

I hate running, too. :-/ But I've been thinking lately that maybe I could learn to like it.

Most places will let you sign up for a month without signing any further contracts. Some even give a promo of your first 2 weeks and uniform free.

I can email you about what to look for in a gym if you decide to pursue it. :)

egan said...

So I'm supposed to know what the three more days in reference to right? Huh, let me think about this one for a bit.

You love sweating.

Candace said...


Amanda, prepare the punishments!!

Yes, I love sweating. I suppose it's weird, but man, there is nothing better than kicking your a$$ off and coming out on the other side all dripping wet but still alive. ^_^

Candace said...

TWO DAYS!!!!!!

Logophile said...

I am left handed but can't keep my right eye closed worth a darn so I shoot left handed/right eyed, and yah, I know string slap, yoooooow!
Is it ok if I wait for the video?

ARM said...

Masks! Ready! Books! Ready! Whips n chains! Ready! Egan, prepare yourself for your punishment.

My boobs are the reason I could never learn to like running. Even with sports bras, the damn things are bit too...in the way. Even when I was tiny (10 years ago), running was not my friend.

I will definitely let you know if we decide to pursue TDK. We're going to look through the phone book at the different options Lincoln has and I might be making some calls tomorrow to some of them.

tshsmom said...

String-slap is the bow's way of telling you that you're doing it wrong. It also screws up your accuracy. If you're shooting left-handed, bend your right elbow a little.
String-slap stings something awful. I get the shivers just thinking about it.

Claire said...

You are starting to inspire me. I did Akido about 150 years ago, ok just 30, but I really loved it. I need a new routine...

Candace said...

Logo - that's funny about the eye. String slap bites. A video could be fun, LOL!

Amanda - that is NO fun. Mash You FLats don't even help? Man, when I was nursing. Oy vey! I feel your pain.

Egan definitely needs some sort of disciplinary action.

Yeah, LMK if you have Qs about finding a gym. :)

Tshsmom - I was definitely holding it wrong! I'll try bending. Also, it's not natural to me, but I found that I can get the sticky-outy part of my elbow to point down, and then rotate my wrist farther to get things more in a straight line.

Claire - they say everyone always goes back if they start when they're youngish. I did. :) You'd have a blast, you know. :)