Friday, July 06, 2007

The One With No Title

The title bar is broken. At least for me.

I got the littles' room mostly decluttered today.

I'm planning for Christmas already. Anyone else crazy like that? I even have a couple of things for The Prawn already. Of course, they might turn out to be Bday pressies since her Bday is in Dec, but I think this is the earliest I've ever started. ^_^

OK, here are the pics! I have "before" pics today, and will try to take some "afters" tomorrow. :)

I went for max effect by taking "as is" pics before beds were made or anything. Oh the horror! ^_^

Funky lighting due to window. Oh well.

Mollusc is happy to finally get rid of some hated Clifford books! (Shh! Don't tell the Prawn!)

Sluggie is just happy to have her pic taken.

Prawn is happy to have a fun new place to sleep on the floor.

Fishy is a little shell-shocked from a long day.

The girls are giggly because, why not? It's 11 PM or so, which is a good enough reason by itself.

Now we move back in time to the 4th of July. Dear friends of ours gave Mollusc a Slip n Slide as a belated birthday present, and the 4th was the perfect day for it.

Careful! Wouldn't want to get wet or anything. ^_^
(I'll smallen this tomorrow so the sidebar comes back to the top. My Adobe 'puter is off for the night.)

Yeah, he's wearing a plastic grocery bag for "Turbo Boost." And yes, it did fill up with water on the way down. ^_^

Time to play with fire. Because how else do you celebrate the freedom of your country? ^_^



ARM said...

I work with a girl who starts planning the day after Christmas. So you aren't so bad to me. I wait until after Halloween. I heart me some Christmas, but I can't be thinking about it in July!!

Candace said...

I do think this is a record, LOL! I got a little nostalgic for Fall with this lovely cool weather. :)

I'm hoping this will help the Prawn's Bday to not sneak up on me, too. ^_^

ablondeblogger said...

Yeah, the title wasn't working for me, either. I ended up having to hit "tab" several times until the cursor went into the title box, and then it worked.

tshsmom said...

We're doing the same here. If it's any consolation; Z's room was WORSE! The only books we could get him to part with were his Encyclopedia Brown collection.

I shop for gifts year 'round. If I find something that I know my family will love, at a good price, I buy it. This really helps to de-stress our special days!

Anonymous said...

I think getting a really early start for Christmas is a great idea--that way, you don't start seizing upon seeing your credit card bill in January :) Of course, I'm never that organized, and I never know who I'm going to need to buy presents for either.

I think I need a nap after seeing all those actions shots!

Candace said...

Dawn - Well, I'm glad it wasn't just me. I wasn't smart enough to try that, though, LOL! I will if it does it again. Thanks :)

Tshsmom - That does make me feel better. Well, until I think about the 2 other atrocities up there (Mollusc and Sluggie's rooms) ^_^ I loved Encyclopedia Brown! We have a few. It's really hard to get rid of stuff here because when I get one who's FINALLY willing to part with something, another one gloms onto it. Oy! :-P

The year-round thing is a great idea! I should try to do that. Plus it would help with my squirrel-brained tendency of seeing stuff that I want to get my sis, and then forgetting what it was when the time comes. ^_^

Kitkat - I'm not actually organised, but Magic Cabin sent me an eMail with tons of their stuff marked way down, so I needed an excuse to get a couple of things for Prawn and decided to call it "getting ready ahead of time." ^_^

ARM said...

Pics!!! You can see the floor in that bedroom. So it's automatically cleaner than my room when I was growing up.

Slip n slides!!! AHHHHH!!! I miss those....death traps! We never had a real slip n slide, though. We had to use tarps. Worked just as well. Oh and if you see Fishy taking some dish soap outside, get it from him immediately. Trust me on this Candace. And why I automatically say Fishy would do this, I have no idea...but look at that face. If that's not the face of a kid who would try dish soap on a slip n slide (he already tried a trash bag...too funny!), then I guess I don't know much!

tshsmom said...

Heehee, that's why I buy it when I see it. I either forget what I was gonna buy, or it isn't available when the time comes.

Gawpo said...

Looks like a bunny got into your house and you had a cat and the cat went after the bunny, but the cat got caught in some feed line to a Ham radio and pulled the radio out of its plugs and then launched a pair of binoculars along with the works and it smacked into stuff and some shoes got run over and disheveled and left everything a total disaster.

Don't ask me how I know this stuff. I just do.

Gawpo said...

I have begun shopping for Christmas of 2013. Now that's a record.

egan said...

I'm coming over on Tuesday for a little Slip N Slide time. Is this okay with you? Yes, your kids are too adorable, but the rooms are in need of some help. I will reserve judgement until the "after" pictures are up. See you soon.

Candace said...

Amanda - Har!! Well, that's encouraging about the floor. :)

Thank you for the warning about the dish soap! ^_^

Tshsmom - I think I have CRS disease. ^_^

Gawpo - Wow! That is EXACTLY what happened. You're good! Sounds like maybe you've seen this before. Or maybe it's your police training? :)

2013? I hope you bought everyone a helmet for their floating skateboard usage.

Egan - What happened to Monday? Monday's better unless you want to come to TKD. Nah, Tuesday will prolly work, too. I hope. Are you going to be IMable tonight? We're off to an airshow all day today but will be back this eve sometime.

I suppose I shall have to give you my ph #. ^_^

Claire said...

I'm lovin' those slip'n slide photos, LOL!
The bedroom photos are oddly reassuring. I'm glad someone else out there lets their kids have messy rooms!
Lots of shut doors here in my house.

Candace said...

I think I had almost as much fun watching as they did sliding. ^_^

I'm glad to hear that we're in good company, LOL!