Sunday, July 08, 2007

Still With the Broken Title Bar

But thanks to Dawn, at least I can use it anyway.

We're off to an airshow for the day. The Littles' room is much, much better. I've removed 2 overflowing boxes of stuff for the garage sale and a trashbag full of garbage, as well as a basket of stuff that belongs elsewhere. But you're going to have to take my word for it for now. ^_^

Yesterday I spent the bulk of the day working on Hogwarts school robes for the crew to wear to the book release party, hence the appalling lack of pictures.

Blue Angels, here we come! :)


ARM said...

i cant wait to see the robes!!!! howawesome?? i need a pair for the book release party i'm going to. are they easy to make?

ablondeblogger said...

Have a good time! And thanks for the shout-out! :)

Hey, I'm posting the "treasure hunt" (garage sale-theme) contest tonight at midnight. Be sure to come by and enter!


Trundling Grunt said...

when will we see you and Munki in your robes?

Candace said...

Amanda - I'm very happy with how they're coming out! I used a kids' SW costume pattern that looks like it's now worth $$ because Lucas must've made them pull it. ^_^ (Simplicity 4426) The L actually fits ME (in a strange twist of fate if you remember how "my" shirt ended up being Sluggie's. ^_^) but the Bigs can get lots of wear from them that way. :) I'll take pics. :) (I know, I know. . . ^_^)

They're pretty easy to make, actually. Just bulky.

Dawn - Thank YOU for the tip! :)

OOh! Garage sale treasure hunt!! Hooray!!

TG - Ha! I've toyed with making some for myself because, yes, I'm that geeky. (though have never been brave enough to show such geekiness until just recently) But fortunately for the world, I would need a lot more fabric. Then again, I need more fabric anyway. . . ^_^