Sunday, July 15, 2007

Red Letter Day

Fishy Rocked the test! I'm stupendously proud. ^_^ Red belt is a big deal. Things really get taken to a new level at red belt. To my immense pride, that very morning, Fishy discovered how to bring a new level of intensity to his forms and blocking sets, popping his dobok sleeves and legs with each block, punch and kick. Hoo ya!

Master: For red belt you have to break 3 boards. (messing with Gogo)

Master: Can you do it?
Fishy: Yes, Sir!

Of course he only really had to break one. But he was prepared. ^_^ My breaking pics are blurry though.

He was squealy-giddy with pride. ^_^

Check out the Master's insanely cool old belt. It's older than Sluggie.

Speakinawhich, 10 years ago today, I gave birth for the second time. Sluggie entered the world at 1:21 am after some thrilling back labour, a doctor with too-big hands, and some frustration with various nurses telling me I was dilated to "5 cm" "7 cm" "4 cm" "8 cm" "6cm" WTF? You can't go backwards! Give me a damn epidural already. Of course I waited too long and it only "took" on one side. The doc (whom I'd never met before in my life) said it was too late to be helped. The anasthaesiologist patted my arm and said in a conspiratorial undertone that he'd get me fixed up anyway. I think I French kissed him at that point. ;)

MuNKi had asked to be able to do as much as he was allowed, so the doc told him to suit up and then he let MuNKi do it all, with the exception of slipping a finger under Sluggie's chin and whisking the umbilical cord off from around her neck.

When only her head was out, Sluggie lifted it up and looked straight at her daddy. Holy crap! That kinda wigged him out a little. Needless to say, she's always been a physically gifted child, LOL! MuNKi caught her exceptionally well - no fumble, no foul. The tips of Sluggie's ears were flat against her head and not rolled down yet, which freaked out my MIL. (MIL and my mom were both in the room for this birth) But Sluggie knows that that's what made her an elf-child, and treasures this tidbit. :)

Wow. Double digits. A decade ago, I was blessed with a second daughter. A smart, witty, quirky, athletic, loving elf-child who has a gift with babies and children and a great bond with all her sibs. Life is good. ^_^


ARM said...

Happy Birthday, Sluggie!!! And thanks for sharing the childbirth story...funny stuff. And the last MuNKi link made me snort.

And, congrats to Fishy! I am pretty amazed at such an accomplishment!

egan said...

This post makes me smile uncontrollably. Having met both of these two amazing kids, I'm so proud of what they've accomplished. Good for Fishy and his TKD skills.

Sluggie is 10! She sure is a great daughter. I had fun chilling with her and challenging her to stay awake. Can I blame her for my lackluster results in my triathlon today? Too big of hands? I'm so glad you remember that. How funny. What a great picture of Sluggie. Your kids are so incredible. Well done mom and dad!

P.S. why does Fishy spell it with a Y and Sluggie with an IE?

Trundling Grunt said...

Well, cool kids all round. Am I right in thinking that Fishy's up to his black belt? He's a tough kid - remind me not to pick a fight with him.

And another 10 year old? Scary...
Congrats - whe looks lovely.

Candace said...

Amanda - Har! Who doesn't love The Tod? ^_^

Sluggie thanks you for the birthday wishes. And Fishy thanks you for the congratulations. :)

Egan - That's so sweet. :)

Sluggie had a blast. She has recounted for me multiple times how she felt herself falling asleep and knew you would be checking, so forced her eyes open. ^_^

Did you really have lacklustre results? Too bad I didn't do it. You'd have felt like a superstar next to me. ^_^ The drowning part might not have been cool, though.

Maybe because Fishy is a boy? I dunno. Really, I don't. I wonder if I've been consistent with this over the years. . .

TG - Thank you, thank you , TG. :) Fishy has a ways to go before black. First Sr. Red and then Bo Dan and THEN black, but, yes, he's closing in on the big black belt. Yikes.

Yep, another in the double digits. It is a bit scary, though I can't complain. They seem to only improve with age, which boggles the mind. But I'm sure you know how that is.^_^

Airam said...

You're kids are the cutest!!!!

Airam said...

Your ... not you're. Me and my anal need to edit everything.

Candace said...

Thanks Airam! :) Heh, I have the same problem. We are kindred souls. ^_^

ablondeblogger said...

Happy Birthday, Sluggie! You're in the double digits now!

Fishy is ADORABLE, Candace! (I'm sorry if there were any other photos I missed...the only ones I saw that loaded were of Fishy)

Claire said...

Happy Birthday Sluggie and a big
Way to Go Fishy!!! That red belt is awesome!