Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh Crap

I'm not going to use that tired old cliche about raining and pouring. And I'm not going to talk about things coming in 3s. No, realli.

The funny thing is, that the moment MunKi opened his mouth to tell me the news today, outta the blue, I knew exactly what was coming. He said something like "So this isn't as bad as it could be. . ." and I finished the whole thing. We're scary psychic like that sometimes.

Life is dealing us an interesting card. :-P Several weeks ago, MuNKi got an email from the Company Prez saying that it had just come to his attention that some employees had company cars. MuNKi being one of those. (Duh. His job entails driving, driving, and driving, among other things. The company car was part of the hiring contract.) The BAD part was that this fuckwad wanted to change that. Well shit.

We haven't been a 2 car family since I-don't-know-when. I've never really liked the idea, and plus, it's just not practical $-wise. In the past, if I needed to have the car, I'd drop MuNKi off at work at voila. But not with this job, since with this job, MuNKi must have the car all day, every day. Shit. Did I mention, Shit?

So the good news is that they're at least going to give him a car allowance if he gets a car that follows the set rules: must be a 4 door (shit - we actually could have used a truck for hauling crap here and there at times), must be 4 yrs old or younger (shit - that ain't cheap), and, OK, I don't really know what else. I hope it doesn't have to be American. Because unpatriotic (and extremely unDetroitish) though it may seem, I'm tired of paying repairs for those pieces of shit. And can I just add that I will never EVER own a Ford again? Besides Toyotas are made here now anyway.

The bad news is that car insurance here in Detroit is close to, if not THE highest in the country. The van is listed with me as primary (spotless driving record - touch wood) and the company car is insured by MuNKi's work. So "this is stink." (to use a Miyazaki line)

The good part, is that we could use this 2nd car for anything we like, not just MuNKi's work. So I could even use it if need be. But CRAP. I have a feeling that this is going to end up costing us. *weeps*

I did, for about a half second, toy with the thought of MuNKi upgrading the van to something younger to meet requirements and myself biking to TKD with the chitlins. But going on our sidewalkless main street with 4 kids - esp the 5 and 7 yr olds - seems like a kind of crappy idea if you know how MI drivers can be. And we certainly couldn't do it in uniform, so add backpacks into the equation, which even then might not be so bad, except that this whole scenario would suck big monkey balls come winter's frost, slush, ice and snow.

I so did not say that. Please continue on as if nothing had happened.

We bought a new dishwasher today. I guess # 3 is on the way. Any bets? *big breath*


ARM said...

You're drunk right now?

This sucks, Candace, and I'm sorry! I'm going to hope that there isn't going to be a third thing! I'm going to keep optimistic for you, OK? Because it's always easier if someone else does the optimistic stuff for the person who's pissed about something.

And, can I say that "suck big monkey balls" is one of my favorite phrases? I use it all the time when I'm talking to my friend and husband. I really puts things into perspective when describing how shitty something is.

Candace said...

HA! No! LOL! I wrote this last night but only got around to putting the MuNKi links in and posting today. OMG. :) And I wasn't just a little buzzed, but Drunken Rant was more fun. ^_^

Candace said...

Oops, I mean I WAS just a little buzzed. . .

Bonnie Danger said...
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Bonnie Danger said...

Ackity SPLATTT!!! SUCKS big MONKEY...monkey...monkey...

Well, don't invite trouble, eh? Anyways, considering how many problems losing the company car causes, that oughtta count fer 2.

So the other evening, while visiting an elderly friend, my S.O. and I decided to have a 45-second romp in the guest bedroom. Yes, that's all the time we had and yes, we're that good.

So...I throw out my neck. Like, PAIN. I swear I thought I cracked a bone, because when S.O. touched the sore spot, there was a lump and this stabbing, searing pain would rip through my head and neck. I then proceeded to get shocky--want into the bathroom, slid down to the floor, shaking, nauseated, started to pass out a little (a little?? Yeah, you sorta can...)...

S.O., by now himself nearly in shock, brought me a glass of cold water which, strangely, cured me.

I spend the rest of the evening soberly glad simply to feel normal, or as normal as is ever possible for me. And not complaining about nearly as many things...

So this is NOT a lecture to not be upset about the Possessed Dishwasher nor Possessed Company (SELFISH ^%*hole) President, but merely a humorous passing-along of S.O.'s and my new mantra, "Oh well, at least I'm not in shock!"

Candace said...

Bonnie D - ^_^ OMG, seriously? But so worth it, yeah? Heh heh! I only laugh because you're all better now.

OMG I slept for crap last night. Note to self, Coffee may be yummy, but if I haven't eaten enough it sucks when I want to sleep, LOL! My night was a miasma of startled wakings and bizarro thoughts.

I think I have a mild tummy thing that the kids had. It makes your chest hurt, you don't feel like eating, and well, some tummy distress. ^_^ And I had to teach 2 classes, LOL!

Oh well. By the time I was done writing that last night, I felt much better, but I hate to waste a vent and the opportunity for all those MuNKi links. ^_^

You're so right though. Notice my Life is Still Good tag. ^_^ I know I have it made. But every now and then a nice vent is cathartic. I should be good for the year now, at least. *giggle*

Sorry to wig anyone out. I didn't go on a Monday morning bender.

And the good news is that our new dishwasher will be here within 2 hours.

I think I was also feeling pissy last night because 3 little things for Sluggie's bday didn't make it here in time, so I was feeling like I let her down a bit. She seemed fine with it though. She loves her new archery set. ^_^ I still have a little mark on my arm from string slap. What a dork. You'd think I'd know by now that even my good elbow isn't streamlined like it should be. *snickersnort* ^_^

Girlie, Skype me, eh?

Candace said...

PS, you're so right about not inviting it. I shall ward it off. :)

egan said...

Well, this could actually end up being a blessing in disguise. I love your Toyota van by the way. Oh, Hondas are also built in the US and have been since 1984.

Candace said...

Efo - it's true. It's POSSIBLE we could end up making $ on the deal, but with the price of ins, gas and the maintenance, plus payment, I'm not sure the before-taxes per month amount is going to end up covering everything.

I love the Toyota. Except for that whole door handle falling off thing. (dd I mention that while you were here? We're on our 3rd broken one now) Next time I'd like a Honda.

When I say "here" I guess I mean here in Day Twa. ^_^ I think Honda (rightly IMO) refused to meet union conditions, so all those jobs went elsewhere, which is a shame since the MI economy is in the crapper right now.

Ideally, I guess we get a wee little fuel-efficient jobby and hope to make a little $ on customer mileage. But I don't want to count those chickens yet. Or do we go for something that holds the whole family for when Cyd dies? Ah, decisions. Durangos were leasable for $100/mo for a while there. But the gas consumption is horrid. Too much of a monstrosity for me, anyway.

egan said...

Ha, I love how you rationalize and think things through Candace. It's dead sexy. Please reread this comment in about a month. Honda's factories are located in Ohio and Alabama if I'm not mistaken. Cyd is sexy!

Candace said...

You mock my confusion and angst? ^_^

egan said...

Because that's how I roll!

Candace said...

mean. ^_^

tshsmom said...

I really hate to pee in your kool-aid, but if I were you I'd tuck myself into a fetal position and wait for #3 to strike. Yes, this shit comes in 3s...sometimes multiple sets of 3s. :(

Candace said...

Yeesh, don't I know it. *cringe*

I wonder why it's always 3s. Weird, huh? Same with plane crashes.

In the meantime, I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid. ^_^

Claire said...

With four kids how could you consider anything But a van? Love my Honda Odyssey, btw.
Anyway, I sure hope you are all done with fucktivity for a while!

Candace said...

Well, so far we have been fine with just our van. There have been one or 2 occasions when it would have been handy to have been able to use the Jeep, but I htink we can get by with just the one big car. Plus with fuel efficiency issues (MuNKi does a LOT of driving) and repair issues, I think we're leaning toward something small.

When Cyd dies, I would like to get a Honda Oddyssey, if fo no other reason than that I bet their handles don't keep falling off.