Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What I Would Like to Know

is how in the hell can I lose a leg pad between my sparring bag and the wash?!?! I mean really.



Logophile said...

You are just talented!
That is what I would claim.

Candace said...

Man, this is just a first for me. And I have sparring again tomorrow. Yikes.

Accio legpad!!

Curses! It didn't work. X(

ARM said...

You just tried to summon your legpad! Hilarious!! (And I like pointing out the obvious...)

You'll find it in the weirdest place ever. After you go out and buy a new one. That's how those things always work out for me anyway.

Oh, and I answered your question on my blog about gchat - I have's just my gmail address (sapphire314 at gmail dot com)!

Candace said...

Don't you wish that stuff would work sometimes? I think scourgify would come in super handy. :-P

I know you're right about it ending up somewhere weird. Unless the washer ATE it and is now going to die a horrible death. O_O

Funny think is that I was just saying to MuNKi last sparring that I should probably buy new pads soon. But I wasn't planning on being forced into it.

I wonder where it will turn up. . .

I'm trying to add you to gchat now :)

Claire said...

You know it is hanging out in the twilight zone with those random socks.

Candace said...

The thought definitely crossed my mind! ^_^