Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rise and Shine!

I usually like to wake the kids up by putting in a CD in the morning. It has to be better than coming awake to a screeching alarm (or mother for that matter.) Vivaldi and general Baroque come in handy a lot for this, but there are plenty of other choices. Today it's Genticorum. The songs are peppy, foot tapping, hip shaking things that you can't ignore. The often raucous tunes are sometimes accompanied by bawdy lyrics. Good thing they're all in French.

What I'd like to know this morning, though, is whose John Mayer CD is that in the drawer and how did it get there? Also, my legpad is still missing. I'm beginning to suspect that there may have been some sort of horrifying improbability incident.

What are you listening to today?


Bonnie Danger said...

The Mercury Project (YUM!), Matt Pond PA (YUMMMMMMMM!!!) and Darol Anger's Republic of Strings.

brookem said...

i love that you wake your kids up with music!
i bet egan left that john mayer cd for you as a treat. he's his number one fan!

brookem said...

(he'll hate that i said that)

Airam said...

When I was younger my dad used to BLAST country music through the house in an effort to wake us up ... on a SATURDAY morning at like 8am!!!!

That was just so cruel of him.

ARM said...

I wish my mom had tried the music approach with us...but then it probably wouldn't have worked since we all fell asleep to music (I always had a radio going all night).

I had planned on sitting at my desk and listen to the Mozart's full Le nozze di Figaro that I checked out from the library and loaded on my iPod, but I've actually had to work this morning. The horror.

I'm agreeing with Brookem that Egan left it for you

ARM said...

Oh, I went and listened to Genticorum. Good stuff. One of the songs made we want to do some Riverdance!

Candace said...

Bonnie D - gonna email me some of those? I do like Matt Pond, thanks to you. But I'm sadly ignorant of the others. Clearly we have been out of touch for too long. ^_^

Brookem - oh the horror. I mean really. So Egan loves John Mayer eh?

Anyting you can do to mess with Egan is good in my book. }:-)

Airam - see now that is CRUEL. How the heck did you wind up normal, and not sitting and rocking in a closet somewhere? Seriously.

Amanda - That would be bad if it lulled you further into sleep. ^_^

Having to work sucks. I have to get some stuff done for once today, too. :-P Where's the fun in that?

Yeah, Genticorum is definitely waking-up stuff. "Kinda makes me feel like Riverdancing." ^_^ HA! I have a song to email you. :)

egan said...

I'm listening to anything but John Fucking Mayer. Yes, I hate the guy and his over the top sappy lyrics. Barf.

Candace said...

Like I said - horrible improbability incident. *shiver* ^_^

Claire said...

Ok, thank god you guys also hate John Mayer!
I'm listening to my favorite band this year -Red Hot Chili Peppers.
I luv Stadium Arcadium. John's wah-wah pedal guitar playing just does it for me.

egan said...

I'm assuming Claire is also not a John, I'm one sappy motherfucker, Mayer fan either. Yeah. Flea could kick John's ass.

ARM said...

He IS a sappy motherfucker! and not in a good way! He's annoying! So you all don't like him either? I thought I was the only one. I don't like James Blunt either.

But, RHCP?....Oh hells yeah. Hello Anthony Kiedis...get in my life!

Trundling Grunt said...

Kicking round the front of my car -
Roxy Music: The Early Years
Gigi: Gold and Wax
Cat Power: The Greatest

Not my CD....sorry....

Candace said...

Claire - Haha! Welcome to the John Mayer badshing board! ^_^ I don't know much RHCP. Sad isn't it? I'll have to check more out.

Egan - do I know Flea? I bet Sluggie could kick his ass. Hell, I bet Prawn could. ^_^

Amanda - You're so cracking me up! Here's the thing about James Blunt: I like his stuff in spite of the fact that he's kinda whiny, goofy-looking, and all that. I don't know why, cuz that's not the stuff I usually listen to, but I do. Weird. But I think tons of people hate him. ^_^

TG - Cat Power is the only one I've heard of and only through your blog. Yikes. I need some culture. This is why I ask people what they're listening to. :)